Monday, October 4, 2010

Wet and cold

Incredible, last Monday this time around it was over 30degrees in my room, now I am freezing (not literally, I am just exaggerating to make my point)

I woke up into rain. Oh, great. So either I take a bus to school or suck it up and ride a bike. I decided to be a suckuper. I put on the most bright t-shirt I have so cars can see me and off I went. I have not thought it through because I did not bring enough cloths to change for my way back, so after school I had to put soaked clothes on and it sucked. And my bike and backpack are filthy. But that's nothing new.
I was soaked by the time I got to school, good thing I have a locker there and could get a towel, shower and change to dry clothes.
And oh Americans and their stupid AC. I was freezing in classroom and the only place on campus where I could warm up afterwards was either shower or pool! Don't you just love heated pools? I surely do. I went there and it was kinda cool. Swimming in a rain. Then I took hot shower. But I had to do run some errand on campus so had to leave dry locker room to get rained on again.
I signed up for ski trip to lake Tahoe in December. That should be fun! I am looking forward to it. It is a 3-day trip organized for international students after exams. I do not look forward sleeping part because I know how it goes on these trips but days should be fun. But I do not have any skiing clothes with me. I am not sure yet what I will do. I will probably have to buy something.

I rode in rain (again) home and then my self discipline was almost put into test. If it rains, will I walk a mile to trail, run and then walk back or will I just run on road to trail, run there and run back? Luckily dilemma was solved when it stopped raining.
I ran 6.5 miles. Of course it started raining again at mile 4. What the heck, I just finished the run on trail and walked back.

Seriously I spend half my day soaked and cold.
I HATE rain. I want to move to place where it never rains.

Please do not rain tomorrow for my workout!!!

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  1. I know, what is UP with the AC? drives me insane!! the world's energy supply would probably last a decade longer if North Americans would stop air conditioning their buildings down to meat locker temperatures.