Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am having so much fun

Of course I had 2 classes today but that's not important (and definitely not fun).
Important (and fun) is that I went to pool with a guy who used to be a collegiate swimmer and a water polo player and he gave me some advice.
There were supposed to be more of us but since it was raining, I was the only one who showed up. So it was like a private lesson. Pussies! Come on, you are wet anyway. (Talking about rain. It rained this morning so I put on my backpack, poncho and reflexive vest on the top. I looked like a hunchback of Notredame on a bike).
Sure he has not swum competitively for couple years now but probably knows what he is doing.
He told me my strike with arms is very good, but showed me how to kick because honestly, in retrospective I know my kicking was pathetic.
The only problem is that he used to be backstroke and breaststroke swimmer for short distances so he does not know everything about distance swimming. He suggested I do not roll my whole body only my head. I am not listening to that advice, because I have read that distance swimmers should roll the whole body otherwise after couple k their neck will get too tight. He said I should be very careful then because once I swim in open water I will probably get of track to one side.
But he told me he will teach me flip turns and we can do intervals once I learn that. Cool.

Then I went running with a group. It was much better that last week. More people and we ran faster. But we did 4mile loop and nobody wanted to add 2 more miles with me so I had to do those alone. But that's ok.

And volleyball starts next week!!!!! I am little pissed because I was supposed to be a team captain and they told me today that I will be a team manager. I know, team manager sounds better but as a manager I do not get to make those lazy asses throw up during practices. Hm, maybe that's the reason why I am not a captain anymore...Should have thought of that earlier.


  1. I agree with your desire to continue "rolling" your body. One way you can prevent getting off track is to breath every third arm stroke on opposite sides. This is a very good tri trick I have picked up. This way you constantly look to both sides.

    I think you can teach yourself kick turns - and then perfect them with you new (sexy?) coach. It is really not hard and I taught myself (personally having very little coordination). You just swim up to the side, dive straight down, begin turning your body and then kick, and then straighten your body. The key is coming all the way to the edge and then the straight down dive. Try to sit and watch someone do it if you can - that really helps, too.

  2. Thanks for advice!!!
    I do flip turns (but only when nobody is around) and am sure that any real swimmer will crack up if he saw my current self-learnt flip turns:)
    Btw, coach is not that hot but that's not important, or is it?

  3. you sound so hard core in this entry!

  4. Mad, I do not only sound! I AM!:)