Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to my usual

Sunday = brick
I have mentioned before that my roommate is a former cyclist. So she asked me to join her and her friends for a short ride today. Cool. At first I was little worried that they would leave me behind but she said that they were old and done with speed rides. So that re-assured me.
And ride was fun! Plus it is official, I suck at flats and am pretty good at climbs. My roommate wanted to do only around 35miles, so after they were done I continued to do 56 miles total (ok, I know, I am a pussy and should have done 80miler). She told me I should join some weekend riders because there is a lot of them in the area. Of course I expressed my concerns that I feel like an idiot on my poor little bike. But she said that it does not matter as long as I can keep up and it is not me who should feel bad but those people on Cervelos and Cannondales riding with me and me being able to stick with them on my Walmart bike:)
One funny anecdote: when we were leaving house she looked at my bike and was horrified and told me I should wash it (well, I know I should. You cannot see a color.)and she said she must give me a one-to-one maintenance workshop after she saw that the chain and cassette is covered with dirt and it is a miracle that I can still shift gears with that. Whatever...

I did 56miles, got home, changed to running gear, rode 1.5 mile to trail and did a 9 miler. Felt awesome! I do not know my pace because my stupid Garmin did not get charged overnight.
So total of 59miles bike+ 9miles run

And now 2 fun facts from yesterday at the Expo:
1, I was walking around and one girl came up to me and said: "Your legs are so toned! What do you do for that?" I was like, "hm, really?". And she said "yes, it looks great. What do you do?". Ok, isn't that what every girl wants to hear?:) I did not know what to say since it was kinda obvious being at the 1/2marathon expo...right? But then I figured she is here as well, so she runs as well. And if she does not think that her legs are getting toned enough by running, then she should do something different. I told her to bike.

2, Also I was at one of the booths and it is enough for me to say one word and everyone knows I am not an American because of my very cool accent. And this guy asked me where I was from and then asked me whether I was one of the invited elite runners. Cracked me up, but it is also what every runner would love to experience- being mistaken for an elite runner. I should have said yes, maybe he would have given me some free goodies:)

3, This is not funny, it is rather sad. Somebody gave chewable concentrated fruits and vegetables supplement tablets! OMG, is that where we are heading? No fruits and veggies but pills instead?? I can't believe that people eat that!

I had a little crisis today. Something got screwed up and it looked like I had only $100 to last me until end of December. Ok, I could probably pull that up, believe me, I can survive on $50/month (I think I did that for first 2 months when I was living in Paris until . But fortunately it got cleared up and I have little bit more.

Now that I am rich again (hahahahaha), I would like to make a trip somewhere. I have Delta miles and I do not think I will be ever able to use them, so I am thinking about going to SF/Sacramento or Seattle/Vancouver during Veteran's Day weekend for 4 days. I just cannot decide where.
Tickets cost the same, I have a special thing for renting a car where I pay only a car, I do not pay gas or insurance so I can rent a car in SF and drive to Sacramento (or rent in Seattle and make a trip to Canada) for only couple bucks. So I only need to pay for hotel really and I think I should take an advantage of that now because who knows where I will end starting in January.
I have not been to any of those cities, so any suggestions?

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