Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend smashfest continues

Although it is not a real smashfest since I am not smashed but I guess that when you do more training in one day than you have done it last 30 days than it can be called a smashfest.

Surprisingly I was not sore after the rides/runs I did on Sat and Sun. Must be all the resting I have done prior:)
My shoulders and lats felt however little heavy this morning. Seems that resting strategy does not work for swimming.

I met with that guy I had met on Sun to go biking today. I was hoping we would do a completely new route today but he somehow forgot that he had promised that so we did something very similar to Sunday’s ride. I am however not complaining because I still do not know where we went. I should have taken Garmin with me so I can map it afterwards.

3h40min ride total, followed by ~40min run. I felt great! Legs felt good, as if I did not do anything before. It seems that I am a naturally decent off the bike runner:)
I also think that being sunny and hot does me good. I thrive in warm temperatures! I hate rain, and overcast or snow. Sun and hot, that’s more like it.  

OK, that was my awesome weekend. I wish I could do it all day every day. How much fun would that be?!?


  1. You are such a talented natural endurance athlete! There are not many people who can go pull off a 4+ hour brick and just be like la la la I'm fine. I wish you were coming to Kona. I would really like to kick your ass. ;) xoxo

  2. LOL, I too wish I was coming! I would love to see what you would do to kick my ass. But one day I will make it to your camp!!!