Monday, May 21, 2012

Hockey wrap up

This quote perfectly sums up the expectations before the final against Russia yesterday. Before the final a reporter asked one of our players how he feels about playing against such players as Malkin, Ovechkin or Siomin. And our guy responded: Ohhh, I have already played against them on my Playstation.

Cracked me up. 

Russia was on a completely different level this year. They were just awesome!!!! Playing like a team not their usual play when every player wants to be a Russian hero. Nobody could stop them this year. They won all their games and the Czech Republic was the only team that was somehow able to hold their ground against them when they lost only 2:0. All other teams had to deal with 6-7 goals.  

We lost 6:2 yesterday and I cannot say that I enjoyed the game very much. Not because we lost but because I do not like when we play defensive strategy (which did not work that great yesterday. Or maybe it did. Maybe it would be even worse otherwise) because then it seems like the Russians were always, always in our defensive zone shooting at our goalie and it creates a lot of anxiety and it is not good for my health.

Now moving on. EURO 2012 starts in two weeks and Germany being a country that lives soccer means the championship talk at every corner.

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