Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week in review

Another attempt to keep a training log….

For me it is much easier to keep a log if I do it on paper and not in excel or TP or something similar since I do not use my computer every day. But keeping a paper journal would not work at all because it would be one of the first things to go when I move once again. So unless someone keeps one for me it is a lost cause.

I am pretty amazed how some people keep track of all their training miles, hours, yards etc. When I see how some post on FB how they have biked 457.6 miles, ran 69.08 miles and swam 17.48 miles in the last month I always wonder how the hell do they keep track of that, to the hundreds of a mile? I suppose that they even sleep with Garmins on their wrists. I am all about dedication, but that is little too much, isn’t it? 

So back to my training log:
Run: 3x cca 50min easy (W, F, Sun) – nothing spectacular. Just getting legs used to running again:)
Swim: cca 15k in 6 sessions (2xTue, W, Th, Fr, Sat) – I was able to get in some good swims because of bad (cold and rainy) weather so the pool was not crowded. I wished it rained the whole summer!
Bike: 2x cca 2h50min (Sat, Sun) – putting bike on hold in an attempt to rump up my swimming volume.
One of those rides/runs was a brick, today.

Not the best training week ever but it is hard to get swims in. You see, pool is too crowded even with bad weather in the mornings and therefore I have to swim in the evening. And that does not give me time to bike during the week. My commute to work is 1h, which also makes the things complicated. But whatever, as long as I am able to get swimming in. That is priority!

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