Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random observations from this week so far

My arms hurt! I went swimming yesterday (and on Tue, and M, and Sun and Sat but that's not the point in this post) and wanted to do 100s but pool was crowded so no point in doing that. So I swam only 3x1000 tempoish. I wanted to do 3.5k total but when I looked up after the third 1000 I saw what I was swimming through. I have never seen so many people in the pool in the morning. Until I looked up I was pretty much an asshole not caring about my surroundings, just following the black lane and letting people to move out of my way if they did not want to be swum over by me. But when I saw how many people were there I knew that the only way I was able to swim without crashing to anyone was indeed only because everyone “jumped” to the side when I was approaching and once I passed the wall of bodies again closed behind me. Good thing that all those people swim easy breaststroke and can see me:) So I stopped and got out. I was little dreading going to pool today but fortunately there was one lane reserved for swimmers and separated by the divider. Nice surprise. I jumped in and soon realized that the lane was there because two guys swimming there were swimmers I suppose. They did their cool down at the same pace as I did my fast 100s….But they did not kick me out and let me stay. Thanks! 800m w/up, 2x50m strides, 6x4x100, 200c/d + 500m as junk volume to take advantage of this treat (aka separate lane). 4k total and my arms are trashed. I feel the lactic acid flowing as I am sitting at my desk typing.

I did 60min run with 3x100s strides on Monday and those strides felt much better than before. I am going to do 60min run with 10x45sec pick ups tonight and I expect that I will be able to have better control of my legs than I had last week.

How to survive for 5 days when you spend your last dollar on cookies and your fridge contains only half a lemon, jar of mayonnaise and little bit of mustard? It is not too bad actually, but I am sure, as PPC pointed out to me, that you cannot really do this and train long-term. But 4-5 days no problem. Basically, I drink two cups of chocolate from the automat at work as soon as I get there in the morning. That stuff is so sweet and nasty that it gives my stomach an illusion that it is full for next 3-4 hours. Then I stuff my face with potatoes and veggies at lunch. By stuffing my face, I mean really stuffing my face. Plus I take an extra “Brötchen” to eat later. Then of course I go to bed early so I do not start to feel too hungry because who knows, maybe I would have gone into that mayonnaise jar if things got ugly. And then repeat the process the next day.
But please don’t think anything bad about my parents who let their daughter starve for a week. They do not know. They know that I have zero cash but the last time I talked to my mom was right before I went shopping with my credit card so she thinks I got groceries. But of course I did not tell her that the store did not take my card. They are coming tonight and I sent them a text message yesterday to bring food if they want to eat dinner or breakfast:)

I read this today in a book: “(a girl) was thinking of her housewifely gifts, which had small chance of flowering out in her business life (as a typewriter in an office).” Cracked me up. The book is from late 19th/early 20th century of course. People had their best and second best hats and they also married based solely on looks or wealth prospects. Times have changed I guess.

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