Monday, April 30, 2012

Double swim day

And my “do not do anything and then kill yourself in one weekend” training continued with two swims today! Which however, was an accident.

I wanted to take it easy today. A swim with a new swimming group in the evening, maybe an easy run. And a long walk in Herrenhauser Garten.

I was on my way to the Herrenhauser Garten but three metro stations from my place I changed my mind and I got off. So I decided to check out this park that I know a lot of people bike and run there. And as I was walking around I came across a 50m outdoor pool (that open yesterday for the season)! There were only three people there. Which is quite understandable because: it was 10am on Monday, overcast with a rain drop here and there, and this is no Cali or Hawaii with their warm weather and heated pools. We have had 4 sunny and warm days so far this year and who the hell will go swimming in a freezing water in an outdoor pool. 

But I was like what the heck, I better used this opportunity when I can actually get a decent swim in. So I went home (with a walk through Tiergarten), got my things, hoped onto a bike and I went swimming.
Since I have swam 2!!! this month it was quite….hm, uncoordinated. I did w/up 1000m, 3x300m faster, c/d 500m. I was little cold by the end but I loved it. 

The weather started to get nicer and nicer and there were actually more and more people coming and sometimes I had to pop my head out to see whether someone is not in my path and occasionally there was but I decided to be a b**** and I did not move one inch. I swam very close to that person, scared the hell out of them and they have not bothered me again:)
I stayed there for another 2hours just watching people, and reading. I was quite lucky because the pool got little crowded soon with a gorgeous weather and I swam before all the people came.

I think that I will go to this pool more often. They are open 6am-8pm. Although there is no way I am going there at 6am, because water will cool down overnight and it will be freezing, but maybe after work around 6pm not too many will be there and the water temperature will be reasonable.

Then I went home, ate and went to explore Tiergarten even more. I was really really tired. The swim and being at sun the whole day and if I did not tell the guy that I was coming to that swim workout tonight I probably would not go. But since I asked him whether I can check out his group swims and said I would come tonight I had to go.
The swim was good. I liked it. More than the other group. There were less people, which I like better. But it is in 25m pool, not 50m. Today was a drill day so we did a lot of those. For a total of 2k. Not too much but enough for me for today.
And I did 4x100m IM for the first time in my life and I did not drown! Woo-hoo.

Tomorrow is the last free day, so I better take advantage of it because then it is back to work. Blah.

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