Sunday, May 6, 2012

Maybe it is about the bike after all

I have had my ass kicked on bike rides this week. I rode three times with that guy  met last weekend and everytime I have to work pretty hard to keep up while he keeps saying that we are going pedestrian pace.
I do realize that my bike fitness is not as it used to be last year but there is no way I am that slow/out of shape. And there is no way that he is that fast. So the only plausible explanation to my suffering must be my bike. Yes it is about the bike!

Basically to not expect to be super fast (or just fast) on a 6 years old Walmart bike. It is not going to happen. And be ready to have your bottom handed to you if you ride with someone who is riding a full carbon bike.

On training front. I did 3h40min ride followed by 1h run. I am not sure whether it was the best idea to do two 60min (or 55min, somewhere in that range) on two consecutive days (because I did 60min also yesterday). So far so good, we shall see how my knee feels tomorrow. But I need to give it a try, I cannot run 2h/week max forever…Although this week I have run 3h20 in 4 runs. I have not realized it only after the run, otherwise I probably would not have done it.
I cannot say that the brick was easy peasy but it was not too bad. I have spent 20 quality minutes with the foam roller afterwards.

Then I ate 2 yogurts and an apple and it was time to go swimming. Although it was the last thing I wanted to do. It was cold and it was starting to drizzle and I was quite tired. Blah. But I am standing by my decision to become a faster swimmer. When I saw the lifeguard walking under the umbrella I was not sure whether I feel more sorry for myself or him. But there were 3-4 other crazies in the pool.

I did paddle and bands work and I must say that I am weak as a (what is weak?). I am sure that I would have dragged my feet on the pool bottom if it was shallower:)
I did a total of 1900m in 50min, not too much but of course I am slower with bands and I was starting to shiver pretty badly so I got out and took a hot shower.

I also made a friend. Ok, not really a friend. But one guy asked me whether he could borrow my huge paddles because he wanted to see how it is with such a big paddles. He was pretty cute, as far as one can tell when someone is wearing swimming cap and goggles:)
I will be back in the pool tomorrow morning to see whether I can actually swim in that pool in the mornings or whether it is crowded.

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