Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Benchmark setting

I have finally forced myself to time myself in the pool to see where I am at and set some kind of a benchmark to work with. I figured 20x100m @ 2min sound around right.
I did it (hardly) but I took 30sec break after each 5 because I honestly do not think that I could have done that without that extra break.

I went the first ones in around 1:50 but then slipped down to 1:54s and then had to fight hard for last three in around 1:57. Phew.  My arms were totally trashed and it was hard at the end but I LOVED IT! I love swimming, when I can swim. When I am in a pool where it is not possible to swim then I hate the whole experience. So that’s my pathetic swimming (although I did swim 5k yesterday if I can use that as a little excuse for my slow times).

But at least now I have a benchmark. I know where I am at and I can pace/time myself at workouts and see how I improve :)

I have figured out why I am such a lousy swimmer. Well, partly. I am too weak to push through the whole stroke. Basically I start lifting my arm somewhere around my waist. Of course, when I am fresh I can do the whole stroke when I concentrate on it (hearing Michelle’s voice in my head, accelerate at the end of the stroke, accelerate at the end) but as I tire it gets worse and worse. I need to work on that!!!
I also hear CH’s voice: Glide more! Lead recovery with your elbow, not your finger tips! Lift your feet! You rotate back to early! Lift your elbow! Don’t go like a snake!

Yes, I am having good time in the pool:)

I figured out how to get some decent swims in. I go to the pool when it opens at 5:50am (it opens at 6am but they let us in little earlier and there are always at least 12 grandpas and grandmas already waiting) and “claim” a lane. And then scare the hell out of people who come anywhere close near me or decide to cross my path. If they do I do not move one inch, I hold my line, I swim close to them, kick hard and slash around as much as possible. I used this strategy yesterday when one grandpa swimming breaststroke decided to swim in MY claimed lane. I swam inches from him and he actually kicked me. He felt probably pretty bad about kicking me and I scared him so he moved to the other side of a pool. So I think that if I go there often I can teach people that they better stay away from me.

PS 1: I made an ultimate sacrifice today. We have a dinner at work tonight but I have to go swimming because if I did not I would not reach my target because I am going to “Tropical Islands” on Th and Fr. Giving up free food! So unlike me!

PS2: I just went to put my jacket on and I was like holy shit! I.can.not.move.my.arms! That’s good, means that muscles are building:)

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