Saturday, May 5, 2012

My swimming plan

I was finally able to do a swimming workout today after 2 months. I had done “workouts” before but they were either with a group or I was not able to swim fast. Today I was finally able to swim as fast (or rather slow) as I wanted to and do what I wanted to.

I was able to swim not because I have finally found a pool where one can swim (I have been to 6 pools already and no luck), it was because it has been raining on and off the whole day and it was 10 C degrees (which I believe is 50F). So quite cold for an outdoor pool swim and thus not many people were there. Water was 21C (around 70) so not too bad until you got out into that cold air. 

I did 400m w/up, 3x200 fastish, 100 easy, 2x200, 100 easy, 200, 100 easy, 100 c/d. All 200s at 4min.
I do not know how 3min for 200 yards in scy pool transfer into lcm pool but I think that my 3:43ish 200m is pathetic. I tried to sprint the last 200 but I only managed 3:44 or so. Truly pathetic.
But it is no surprise to me since my swimming in last 2 months was almost non-existant and there was only very little of fast swimming. 

There are other reasons for my slow times:
My flip turns are horrible .I have not done them in quite a long time and I need to get used to 50m pool because I think that the distance between wall and the end of the line at the bottom is different for lcm and scy, isn’t it?
I go like a snake. CH told me that as well. He told me to glide on one side longer and when I do it then I go to the side. Horrible, horrible. I need to work on it.

Since my swimming is this pathetic and I really do not see a point in doing triathlon if I continue swimming 29min in Oly dist tris I have decided to try to train like a swimmer for several months. But at first I need to find a pool to train. I said that I cannot really go to this outdoor pool in the mornings because I will freeze but it cannot be worse than today. I think that maybe it won’t be too crowded in the mornings (although I also thought that it won’t be crowded in the evenings and it is). And if I get there exactly at 6am when it opens I can try to claim a lane and then fight to keep it to myself. We shall see on Monday morning. Although it is supposed to be cold and rainy so maybe Monday won’t be representative of nice mornings. 

Anyway, that is my plan. Swim a lot and fast as if I was training for swimming races for several months (I am thinking a year maybe) and we shall see where it leads. I am thinking long-term so hopefully this strategy will work out well in 3-5 years context.

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