Wednesday, May 16, 2012

These are not my legs!

I think that people usually ask themselves this questions when their legs unexpectedly show up on a race day/during a workout and they have an awesome run.
Not my case. Not at all. I did 55min easy with 6x45sec pick-ups yesterday. During those pick-ups I have experienced something that I have never experienced before. It was so weird. 

It was as if my legs were not mine at all, there was no connection between my brain and my legs. Seriously, I had no control over them. I was completely uncoordinated and my legs were just flapping around. I could not pick up the knees and I did not know how to make me land properly (under my center of gravity). It was really strange. And not good strange. It was quite unpleasant.

I knew that one loses neuromuscular conditioning when one does not run fast (or does run very little as it is my case) but this was worse than I expected. I have not run fast since mid-October, so it has been 7 months. Well, actually I did some strides (I think that I did 4x1min or something like that) to work on this neuromuscular connection in December and then did some faster 1min intervals in February but then were not really anything fast, so it seems that it did not really count. 

By the way. I never thought that I would end up being one of those women who love the man who causes her a lot of physical pain and nasty bruises. I love my sadistic PT. Not love like love, but you now, love. He is awesome (and hot. But that’s not really important here) and I think that his massages/manipulation have helped me a lot. I went to see him today as a prevention and he again used that horrible plunger/sucky thing that makes me cry and bite my lips so I do not start screaming. Of course my leg is all black and blue and ITB does not feel that hot now but I know that it will feel good when it recovers.

Anyone watching ice hockey championship? Those idiot Slovak players definitely caused half the country to have heart attack yesterday when they let France (France! for crying out loud) to beat them in a decisive match about quarter-finals and Olympics qualification. But fortunately it ended with a happy end and we play in quarter-final against Canada tomorrow, which unfortunately will be probably out last match because our chances of beating Canada are very slim:( Fortunately I will not be able to watch it tomorrow, so no health hazard for me.

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  1. you are definitely out of neuromuscular shape. another exercise you can do is to do the accelerations i prescribed by email but concentrate on fast turn-over and short strides.

    so.... it comes to this. canada vs slovakia on the ice. could this be the end of our friendship.

    yeah, i didn't think so either.