Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend log

I left the work earlier on Thursday and went for an 1.5h ride + 60min with 10x45sec pick-ups. Those pick-ups felt much better than before. I was able to control what the legs were doing, so it seems that brain-to-muscles connections are forming. Good! It is also because I am trying not to be overcautious when it comes to “landing”, I think that my ITB can bear it now without overcompensating with my left leg.
 Then my parents and aunt and uncle came and the fun began. They brought me a lot of food:) My grandma sent me cake and homemade syrups, preserves and jelly. Yam! And they brought my beloved bike (and then took the crappy one home with them)!!!

The next 3 days were filled with sightseeing. We saw everything worth seeing in Hannover and in the region. I have not done any sightseeing because I was waiting for someone to visit me so I do not have to do it multiple times. Old Town, Maschsee, Rathaus, Marienburg, Steinhuger Meer, Herrenhauser Garten and Zoo. All good stuff.

I squeezed in a swim on Friday (and the coach proceeded to tell me twice that I am slow and need to swim faster. He was right of course.) and a run on Saturday.

They left today and I had the whole afternoon free. So I took the bike for a spin. It was awesome! It felt as if I were flying. I did 3h15m and I covered much more area than I usually could with the other bike.
I was going through one town and they had a bike race there. I wish I could join:) When I am settled down I am definitely buying a road bike as well. And mountain bike, of course.

I followed that by 1h run, which was a dead march. It was hot, I did not have water (of course) and there was no shade and I was tired from the bike. I took 2 short walking breaks:( 

I was soooo hungry afterwards. Thankfully the parents left me some pasta with lamb meat:)

I am little sad that they already left. It was nice to have family here for a few days.

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