Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let’s cheer up, shall we?

I promise, I am not going to bitch about pool situation any more. I am sure that you know my feelings regarding that by now:) But I just cannot help it, I love to complain.

I officially started running yesterday. Yes, I have been running since the beginning of March (wow, two months of non-stop running. Unbelievable)  already before but it was all whatever. But now I have a training plan, so I call it official. 

I am pretty excited, although I am little scared because now when (maybe I should use IF…) my ITB flares up it would be somehow worse than if it had flared up when I was only running whatever. Physiologically there is no difference, but it would be a huge blow from the psychological perspective.

I have no races really planned because as usual, I have no idea where I will be in next few months. I have just learnt that my work visa petition was approved but I still have to get actual visa and go through visa interview and even if that goes well I cannot go to the US using that visa until late Sept. And I do not know how my “interim” visa situation will work out. The only certain thing is that I stay here until the end of June and then who knows.  Unfortunately because of all this uncertainty I cannot go to Michelle’s training camp (which I was looking forward to because I knew she would want to kick my butt and I would like that) nor do a running race in Montreal with my running coach:( 

There is a Frauenlauf on June 29 that I could do to see where I stand. 5k or 10k. Probably 5k, I would die if I did 10k. 10k is sooo long. And then there is Hannover triathlon on Sept 2 that I could do.  We shall see.

My parents are coming in two weeks to visit and they are bringing my beloved bike:)
And the tri club swim coach told me that he would arrange with club president that I can be a month-to-month member, so I do not have to pay annual fee all at once, which would not make any sense if I have to leave in few weeks. I like this group much better than the other one although the men in the other one are considerably hotter but I cannot let such superficialities to dictate which group I join, can I?

I swam 5k on Tue, 3k yesterday and want to continue the trend. But at first I need to figure out what the proper way to increase my swimming mileage (how do you say this with kilometers? Because I am not swimming miles but ks?) is. Because I almost went from 0k to 25k in 4 weeks, which is probably not the best idea. 

I have decided to be a good athlete and fuel. Michelle would be so proud of me! I was doing pretty well while under her wings but since then not so much. 4+ hour bricks on a bottle of caramel tea with lemon and honey and 1 slice of cheese….Did you know that a box of 24 Powergels costs 42Eur? 42Eur! But I was able to find a sale and ordered a box for 15Eur. Phew. I should have ordered two boxes but I am expecting them to have expiration date two months ago so I did not.

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  1. I was having a twitter conversation with a couple other coaches yesterday and we were making fun of athletes who don't eat on bike rides... ;) It was pretty funny.

    Most people in the US call swim volume 'yardage' ("Increasing swim yardage") but that is weird when you're swimming meters (we swim meters too so I cannot use the term yardage). So I just say "volume".

    If you came to Kona I would end up peeling you off the pavement by day 4. ;) Plan for it next year- I think it will be an annual summer thing.