Saturday, May 19, 2012

Excitement! (hockey, training, short trip)

Couple important things. Let’s start with the most exciting ones and then move to the lamer ones.

WE ARE IN ICE HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIPS FINAL!!!!! By “we” I mean Slovak men’s team. Huge surprise. We have a very young team with only few NHL players this year and a new Czech coach who have never been to men world champs before and we have not been able to make it into quarter finals for past several years. But this year we finally made it, bet Canada in quarter final and bet the Czechs in semi-final today (I did not see CAN game, but could not pass CZK game today, it was a good game). Woo-hoo. Playing Russia tomorrow. I honestly do not know what to expect. Russia just bet Finland 6:2 in the second semi-final so they are on a roll. But even if we do not win it will be a complete madness in Slovakia because we will have a medal. When we played Can on Thu afternoon companies put TVs in corridors so workers could watch (unless they were let to go home earlier), kids were let to leave school early, soccer league games were postponed to a different date. Basically everything shuts down in Slovakia when we make it past the preliminary rounds. If I had someone to go with I would not mind spending money on flight and game ticket to fly to Helsinki for the final tomorrow but since going there alone would not be fun I will just watch it in the TV.

I spent Th and Fr in “Tropical Islands” near Berlin. It is basically a huge swimming pool inside a hangar where they wanted to build zeppelins and it is designed as a tropical island. Rainforest, palms, lagunas, saunas, whirlpools, evening “tropical island” show, tropical food etc. It was quite fun but I am sure that it would be more fun if I were not alone. I was definitely the only loser who was there alone. I spent the night on a floor and then paid 15Eur for breakfast. Yes, I am a grown up now. I would post some pics but I am too lazy. Sorry.

Because I was there I missed two days of training. I also did not do anything on Wed because I swam 10k in just two days (Mon and Tue) and there was no way I could swim another meter on Wed and went to PT in the evening so no run or bike and because ITB was recovering from the treatment I could not run on Th morning before I left either. This meant that I have to catch up on all my training today and tomorrow. Which led to 3k swim in the morning (300 w/up, 2x50 “strides”, 100-200-300-400-500-400-300-200-100, c/d 100), 1hour rest and then 5-hour brick. 4h5min ride (my new friend took me on a new route and we would have gone further but we are little worried that my bike would not make it) followed by 60min run (55min easy with 3x100m strides to speed up muscle-brain connection creation at the end!)
Felt good! Then I spent some quality time with the foam roller. I need to do the same training tomorrow to hit my 15k swim target and 2h45min running target. Fortunately I have no target for the bike.

I am out of money. Nothing serious. I mean out of money here in Hannover not in general but basically I am on a tight budget until my parents come on Thursday. By a tight budget I mean I had exactly 1Eur 96cents left this morning but fortunately then I found 1Eur in the pool so then I had 2Eur 96cents. And I have 1 lemon, 5 slices of cheese, little bit of mustard, jar of mayonnaise and half a package of pasta in my fridge. Phew. I did not want it to come to this but I decided to use my American credit card but the store where I do my shopping takes only something called EC card, which I have no idea what it is so I had to return everything I put in my basket but 4 yogurts. And then it came down to choosing between bread or cookies with the remaining few cents. Guess what I chose:) It did not make any sense to buy bread since I have nothing to put on it and what am I going to eat bread with water? And those cookies made me as happy as bread never could. 

Champion League finale is also today. I do not understand why they do not have it on TV!!!! At least the TV channels I have do not have it:( I hope Bayern wins!!!!!

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  1. Ou crack me up... Buying cookies with our last dollar. Lol.

    My husband watched tht Champion League insl this morning... It was on TV here! Close game went to PK. Scott isn't a Chelsea fan either!