Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Track workout in like forever

When I saw what was on my schedule my first thought was: PPC wants to kill me for sure. 
The plan was 15min w/up, 4x3min @ 5k pace w/ 2min easy, 5min easy, 4x2min @ 5k pace, 11min c/d.

Short recap for a running log sake: Last real track workouts were in late August, then ITB flared up, then I did 2 or 3 track workouts at the beginning of October, ITB flared up. And nada since then. So it has been a while.
 I did not necessarily need to go to the track because I was running by time and not distance but I thought that it would be better to do it on the track so I can how far I can get in a given time. Or maybe I should just have dig out Garmin and try to charge it and use it but I completely forgot that I own it.

Hm, 4x3min?!? That’s like 4x800 (roughly). And 4x2min?!? That’s like 4x600 (very roughly). I have no idea what PPC was thinking making me do that. And at 5k pace! Not that I did not think I could do it (I am one of those annoying people who think that they can do anything, seriously) it was more like, wow, that’s a legit workout after all the dillydalling I have been doing in last 2.5 months. And it did not sound conservative at all. But I guess that I cannot jog forever and I have been kind of running for 10 weeks now so it is time…
And how it went? I guess all right. I had no idea what to expect so I was not really thinking about it. I went little too fast for the first 3min, going through the first 400 in 92sec. Definitely not my current 5k pace:) For the other 3 I went through 400m in 95-97sec, through 600m in 1:22-1:25 and I always managed to little past 750m in 3min.
4x2min were little faster, 400m in around 92 sec.
It was not hard but I am sure that it is not really my 5k pace (my 5k pace being slower in case you have not figured that out). But even with this workout I have no idea what my 5k is. I would prefer someone just telling me what my 5k pace is and then I would do my best to keep that pace:)

I am (was) thinking about doing a 5k race at the end of June but when I was running today I started thinking “what a stupid idea! Do I really want to suffer like this for 5k?!? I do not think so”. Yeap, I am so not prepared to suffer for extended periods of time.

By the way. I had a dream about racing in Kona last night. I have been to Kona so I know how the area looks like but it was nothing like reality in my dream. We were swimming in some kind of bay surrounded by cliffs. And we were not even swimming. We swam for a bit and then had to run for quite a while through forests and fields on top of those cliffs and then we got again into water to finish the swim. And I was missing my goal of 1h3m but I blamed all the uphill running for that but once we got into water again I got more confident that I can meet my goal. And then I woke up so I do not know how I did at the end. I hope that I can sort my ITB issue and race there one day.

I must also tell you that I am super glad that my job does not require meeting with people and look representative. I only meet with my coworkers and there are occasional phone calls (which are super scary. I hate talking on a phone. Especially when it is in German. And 99% of the calls I receive are in German. Super scary I tell you.) If I had to meet with people that would be a disaster. I wake up at 5:15am, have to leave by 5:29am to catch the 5:33am bus to the pool and after the swim I put lotion on my face, comb my wet hair and eat an apple while running to catch the metro to work. Actually, today I was not able to eat that apple, I only managed “lottioning” and combing because I had to hold my glasses in the other hand. Thankfully at least my hair dries a little bit in metro before I arrive to work and I can put it into a ponytail. Yes, I definitely look very representative.

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