Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend fail

This weekend was not as successful as my past weekends. 

Swim: I tried 4x5x100m @2min again hoping to see an improvement. It was a major fail though. I was not able to do them at 2min send-offs. Two weeks ago I did it with not too much problem, but not on Sat. Now sure why. I had to move to 2min10sec send-offs after only the third one. Oh well, not every day is a good day. Might be that it was already km 11-13.5 for this week so I was already pretty tired. Plus I do not know what happened but the side/head current in the pool is unbelievable. It was always there, I think that it where they let water in, but it used to be only in one spot and not too strong. But this week the current is in two spots and it is so strong that it always throws me at least half a meter off my trajectory and I have to start swimming hard to fight it. Phew. I think that it is a very good training for open water swimming though.

Bike: 3h15min. It is official, it IS about the bike. I went on a ride with my biking buddy and this time it was him who got his a$$ handed to him. I was on Cervelo and we were going our usual pace and I did not have to go all-out full speed (ok, maybe little exaggerated) to keep up. My buddy was right when he used to complain about the pedestrian pace we were going. Because we indeed were. But yesterday he ended up sucking my wheel for the better part of the ride to keep up. And it still felt like a pedestrian pace for me. I am never going to say a bad thing about the torture machine (aka bike) again.
I still think that most people do not really need a $2000+ bike to go faster because they do not have engine strong enough to take a full advantage of the expensive bike. Hell, even I do not need this bike because my times on this bike were only very slightly faster than on my old second-hand Trek road bike. I think that a bike in $1000 range is enough. But Walmart bike is definitely not good enough:)

Run: So track is forbidden. *tears* *tears*. But apparently the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different result:) And since I used to run on track quite a lot before and my ITB used to keep flaring up, PPC has decided to try to stay away from the track and see where that leads. So we shall see.
Therefore I did 60min with 7x2min @5k pace w/ 2min easy in last 28min in the nearby park. Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge the Garmin so I was going at whatever speed. I kind of think that I was too slow but anything faster felt too fast for a 5k. So I have no idea.
I think that running intervals in the park is quite good to prepare me for road racing because it does not offer as much pace controlled environment as track does. I just need to dig out Garmin somewhere and charge so I can have at least some control and idea how fast I am going.

I did a swim in the morning. 3x (200 faster, 100 easy), which puts me at 15.5k for this week.
I wanted to go for a ride but it has been raining the whole day. I did not mind rain one bit when I was in MI but I have become a major slacker since then. You see I am not really training for anything and I am clueless without a coach, so I have spent the rest of the day watching TV and eating.

I am going on a work trip for the whole next week and I am thinking that I will bring my bike with me and do some riding in German country side in my free time. I have not decided yet, it depends on weather forecast and whether I really want to deal with it on two trains I need to take to get there.


  1. Phewf. When I saw "week-end fail" I was dreading bad IT band news. I thought of one other thing we are changing: I am going to keep you at 3 days of running per week for awhile. This added to the other changes (no track, time based weekly mileage, lower peak mileage)... surely one of these changes will pan out and yes, you're right, we won't know which one it is but we don't want to wait to run a controlled experiment on each one.

  2. you sound like a beast on the bike. remind me never to ride with you :)

  3. No worries, I will be nice and let you hang on my wheel for your dear life, haha.

  4. LOL!!!! You are too kind!