Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am still here

I somehow have zero motivation to blog. Probably because nothing exciting is going on.

I am still in Slovakia because I have not heard from the US/Germany ever since they asked me whether I can start job in Germany on Feb 1st. So I am still enjoying my time at home.
I should be less hard on being stuck at home because it is not that bad after all.

We went skiing this weekend. It was great, we had such a nice weather, cold but because it was sunny it was bearable.

This was downhill skiing on Saturday. I also fell once. I do not remember the last time I felt on skis. Oh well, I did not see some ice. Maybe I should wear glasses so I can actually where I am going:)

This is xc skiing at a completely different place. My parents have weekend house in this area so we went to go check it out and get rid of snow around the walls. My parents usually do not go there in winter because you cannot get there by car since there is no real road leading there and when there is 2 feet of snow you would need a tank to get there.

Training-wise things are going well. I went swimming with the team on Sunday, which was again mostly about swimming technique. I am totally slow. How can those people go that fast doing one-arm drills??? I am just slogging forward.

Yesterday marked the beginning of working with CH. We shall see where it leads.
I did 1.5h bike and 40min run yesterday.
40min run was pretty long and at first I did not feel super confident about that, however logic behind this is that if ITB is not prepared for running, then no matter how long I run it will start acting up.
So far so good.


  1. One of my athletes here had a brief encounter with ITB last month... stopped him in his tracks and he walked home from a run (which he would otherwise NEVER do)... he was then totally diligent about the foam rolling and added some hip and glute exercises to his core routine and then ta-dah! No more ITB issues at all. I do think the hip/glute strengthening stuff is the ticket to getting rid of that (and many other) common running injuries. So stay on that stuff while you start running again! :)

    Beautiful area there... Nice!

  2. Sir, yes sir!
    I continue being pretty good about hip exercises. I wish I knew 2 years ago that hip strengthening is way to go....