Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You know that Slovak coach I contacted and I said I can't afford him but I will meet with him because he is cute.
I met with him today and I must say that he is even cuter live than in pictures:) Seriously! He is a real hottie.
Plus he is shooting for Rio 2016, so he is almost a perfect husband. I wonder what he would say to using heart rate monitor in bed. I am interested to see whether sex HR is more like biking HR or running HR. But don't tell me, I want to try it myself. You know, that's a very important quality, it's on my "husband standards" list.

I have also learnt that I need to change my 2016 plan because I would have to start collecting points now to get to the racing circuit that allow collecting point for 2016. Well, I am not good enought to start racing now, so let's change to a 8-year plan.

I will actually join his team next Friday for a swim and maybe I will be joining them more often if I like it. Unfortunately it is in a different city and it takes me over 1h by bus to get there. But Fridays are for beginners and maybe if I make to more advanced swimmers and then they have swims on different days and there are also people from the city where my parents live so we could carpool.
I will see how it goes.

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