Monday, January 9, 2012

My new bike set-up

My room has a balcony and since winter is very mild (but still cold to ride outside) doing a trainer ride on a balcony is doable:)

I do not have to worry about neighbors or wooden floors or being too hot and sweaty in my room. Nasty.

The only problem (apart from the fact that my toes were getting cold by the end) was that balconies are on every other floor thus when it started raining there was not much shelter above me and it rained on me.
But still much better than being inside.

Did 1h easy hour with 4x1min one leg drills.

No swimming today because pool is closed on Mondays.


  1. Cool, and the pics remind me of home...

  2. Houses and towns in general in the US are so much different from towns in Europe, aren't they?