Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hm, what can I say

I have not even seen a bike since last Wednesday and went swimming twice in last 7 days. It is all going downhill with me when I am not alone and when I do not have my lame routine.

I went to visit my grandparents and you know what happens when I am there. My grandmother feeds me as if I were a duck two weeks before Xmas dinner. Because of course she and my mom think that I need to gain weight (although in fact I need to loose weight).
I went swimming on Th, which was very slow flop because it was an unorganized chaos as usual.
I did not do anything on Friday.
Skiing ~3.5h on Sat.
XC skiing ~3.5h on Sunday.
Swimming on Monday. This was actually pretty good, there was only one other person. And that pool is pretty good, it has lines marked on the bottom. But there is no paceclock and I did not have watch, so I did only 600m w/up, 2x (6x100 steady with ~8sec rest) with pitstop break between sets. 100m c/d. It was pretty hard because at the beginning I felt quite uncoordinated.
I did not do anything today because I was travelling back to my parents' place and I am plain lazy.

Can you tell that I do not like being here at all! I need to leave and start living alone again. That's much better for my training.

On Friday I am meeting with coach Hottie for running. He is going to have a look at my running technique, maybe it is also part of my ITB problem. I was planning on trying to run this week so Friday it is. Keep you fingers crossed.


  1. Coach Hottie... Love it! Hope he whips your ass into gear.

  2. He is not my coach, I just do not know what else to call him:)