Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One week to do zillion things

I have received an email today which contained only one sentence: Can you start in Germany on Feb 1st?

Sure, of course, why not...

I do not even know which city in Germany. I do not know anything actually.
It will be pretty interesting if they really want me there one week from today.

How am I going to get there? Where am I going to live? How does it work when I want to go work in Germany? How much and who is going to pay me?

What an exciting life I lead, don't you think? Oh well, I have almost one week to figure it out.

Too bad I told my advisor that I will send her my thesis by Feb 1st. I better stop playing on internet and go do something useful:)

But before I have learnt that I have zillion things to do in next week I did bike/run/swim today.
1h bike with 20min w/up, 10x1min hard, 1min easy, 20min steady. I almost died, I better get serious about training because it is getting urgent! Not urgent, but you know...
20min easy run again working on my technique.
50min swim drills, working on my technique. Again.


  1. yay congratulations! you DO lead an exciting life. i am so curious to know what city... how did your IT band feel after the run?

  2. I'm not getting too excited. I'll get excited when I sign work contract and am sitting behind a nice work desk somewhere.

    ITB feels good, no problem after runs.