Thursday, January 5, 2012

Airport randomness

I am at the airport in Toronto and am BORED. I have 6 hours between flights and I have already been sitting here for 5+. Fortunately Toronto airport has free wifi!!!
I will have couple hours in Frankfurt as well. Not sure whether they have free internet there and even if they had I do not have US/EU plug adjustor for my computer so it will run out of battery anyway. So that would be a nightmare.
I wished I lived somewhere in big Western European city, that way I would take one non-stop flight and be home in no time. Now I have to fly Detroit-Toronto-Frankfurt-Budapest and then 3hours in a car from Budapest. (But still better than Providence-New York-Frankfurt-Prague and then 6hours on a bus Prague-Bratislava (that's Slovak capital in case you are wondering) and then 2h in a car to get home. I had like 5hours to kill in Prague so I stored my baggage at the bus station and went to have pizza in the city. Of course I was dead by the time I finally got home and told my parents that if they ever want to see me again they better buy me a first-class ticket fr my next trans-Atlantic flight. Of course it has not happened:))

I am little scared what will happen to me in Frankfurt because they check my bike as a bike (I was trying to smuggle it as a regular luggage but they were not fooled and asked me whether it was a bike and well, I cannot lie) and the lady at the check-in desk told me I have to pay a fee but she never asked for my credit card nor sent me somewhere to pay for it, plus it was my second baggage and you are allowed only 1. AirCanada charges only $50 for a bike (therefore I chose to fly with them) but I was checking in with United (although it never says so anywhere on my itinerary and United charges a lot for bikes) and I need to re-check with luggage again in Frankfurt (lady in the US was not able to check me in althought she tried) and that is with Lufthansa and they charge 250 for a bike. So now I am scared that they are going to charge me 250 for the bike, maybe even twice! Oh well, no reason to stress about it now, I will see once I get there.

I have 4 Canadian dollars so I was trying to buy something at the airport but unfortunately you cannot but anything at the airport for 4 bucks. So I am going to have 4 Canadian dollars as a souvenir from good times:)

I also got my lSAT score yesterday and it is trully a disaster. Worse than I expected. Now it would be a miracle if I got accepted to any of those schools I have applied to. I wish I could re-take it because I can do much better but I cannot. Oh well, let's hope I find a job.

Ok, they are going to board the plane, so off I am. There are some pretty nasty trees and houses-demolishing winds in Europe, hope it won't effect my flights.

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