Sunday, January 1, 2012

20 hours

Today ended my first ever 20h training week. And I LOVED it. Honestly, it did not feel any different from my other 11h training weeks.
It is either because I am just that super fit or because I did not do anything else than training (no work or school) so I could take enough rest between effords. I am sure that it was a combination but naturally I am leaning towards the first explanation:)

The week went like this:
Mon: 1h swim
Tue: 2h bike & 1h swim
Wed: 2.25h bike & 1h swim
Th: 1h swim
Fri: 0.75 swim & 1.25 swim
Sat: 4h bike & 1 swim
Sun: 3h bike
+ strength training

Swim: 7h
Bike: 11.25h
Strength: cca 2h

Not too bad considering that it does not involve any running.

I was supposed to go swmming today as well, which will get me over 20h but I cannot get to the pool from my friend's house.

I can definitelly get used to this type of training. I liked it. Even 7 hours on a bike trainer in less than 24 hours were not that bad:) I actually liked it. I see my bike fitness improving, which is great.
But doing 3 swims in less than 24 hours was not pretty, my poor arms. They were trashed.

I think that I get used to training like this:) Train, then do nothing for a few hours, then train again etc. Although it is quite boring.
Maybe train, then go to school/work for few hours, then train again would be more interesting/fulfilling. Or maybe training for 30+h/week and do nothing else would work:)

Anyway, I am taking next week easy because I cannot really get to the pool and I am travelling on Thursday and Friday and then visiting my grandparets on weekend. That should be good because it will help to recover and come back stronger! I will still try to do something though because otherwise I will start loosing all the gained fitness.

Some people might ask, why the hell am I doing 20h training week at the end of December. Well, because I like it! :)


  1. You trained more than I did this week!! Nicely done. When you're doing big volume just be aware of how much intensity is involved... As long as you're not trashing yourself with each workout you'll find you can get up tomorrow and back it up, which is the goal. :)

  2. Nice training. You train when you can, I get that.
    Happy 2012!