Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quantifying my suffering

I borrowed the title from Michelle who is waiting for her Powertap so she can quantify her suffering:)

In indeed was suffering. I did exactly the same workout 3 weeks ago and I think that it was easier then than now. Maybe because I did 2 workouts in two days before today? Who knows, probably.

It was FTP workout, 6x10min w/ 2' easy and 4' easy btw. And it was indeed hard! But I liked it. In retrospective, of course:)
I again did in on a balcony and some neighbors saw me, they probably think that some nutcase has moved in.

210-220: P 214, C 85, HR 172
220-230: 224, 87, 176
210-220: 216, 86, 177
220-230: 226, 90, 181
210-220: 218, 87, 177
220-230: 229, 89, 182

Dec 21:
210-220: P 215, C 85, HR 163
220-230: 227, 86, 172
210-220: 216, 85, 172
220-230: 227, 87, 176
210-220: 217, 86, 173
220-230: 229, 86, 176

HR was higher, which is not surprising since I was more tired. Those 3 days sitting on my butt and eating Starbursts probably decreased my fitness because even easy rides on Sun and Mon were kind of hard.

I also went to the pool today. I hate that pool. Hate.
Maybe I was just lucky with my MI pool because most of the time I was there alone and I could do all my workouts without any lane issues.
But this pool here, it is horrible. It was crowded, horribly crowded (20+ people) and all but 3!!!! were swimming breaststroke, chilling at the walls or in the middle ofthe lane etc. There is no way I can do intervals there.
Plus there are no lines at the bottom and nothing to see that I am approaching the wall. The wall is the same color as the bottom and it is very hard to see that you are approaching it, I had some very close calls and doing fast intervals will be kind of dangerous until I get the feel of how long it should feel to swim one lenght.

Good thing is that I can get in for free because my mom works for the city, but only in the afternoon. Maybe I will try to go there tomorrow late in the evening, maybe less people will be there...
I can also try in the morning (there should be less people because people are at work) but then I cannot get there for free.

Maybe I can try to do some hard intervals in the morning 2x/week and then easy flop swims rest of the days in the afternoons for free. I will see tomorrow how it goes in the evening.

I did 100m w/up, 3x500m with bands, 100m c/d.
1500m with bands, not too shabby:)


  1. I was laughing bc it reminds me of the pools back home. People do not train there, they just go to splash around. Yes, people in the middle of the lain, hanging...At least you will build mental toughness. Wait, you already have that!

  2. Quantifying your suffering. YES! Love that. Don't love your pool situation though, yikes. BUT 1500 w/ bands? Perfect.