Friday, December 30, 2011

Packing. Almost ready!

I hate packing!!! Because I want to take everything with me but I cannot:(
It is not that I am attached to my clothes. I just do not want to throw away (or give to Salvation Army) stuff that I will have to buy again once I settle down.

It has turned out I have more things than I thought I did. It does not look than much in closets but when I started putting it into suitcases, hm hm hm. It is more than it looks.
I have some clothes and stuff that will go to Salvation Army tomorrow, then I have one suitcase (all of my nice work cloths and shoes, skiing gear and some winter clothes) that I am leaving with a friend. If I come back I will have it here waiting for me, if I don't she will give it to SA. Then I have another suitcase that I am taking with me plus another case for a bike. They are not heavy though but I have to take two with me because I am taking home trainer with me and I cannot put bike and trainer into one case.
And I am taking with me a lot of stupid things like swim paddles and foam roller. I have to because last winter it took visits to 14 different stores in Slovakia to find paddles. And I am 100% that nobody has even heard of something like a foam roller there. Yeah, we (or better they, because I am) are not spoiled by such "gadgets" in Slovakia:)

This moving and getting rid of things has one advantage though! I do not have to do dishes anymore because everything is going into garbage. Well, I have one cup and one plate (I used to have two but the other one broke) so it has never been too much washing dishes anyway, haha.

I am off for the second swim of the day (Main set: 30x100. WTF?!?). My first ever swimming double! Not that I think that it is something special but maybe sometime in the future when I decide to actually keep a good training log I will come back here to try to get some info about my training.

I am going to stay with a friend tomorrow therefore I have to get both swim and bike before she picks me up at 4pm. Tomorrow is probably my last swim in the US. That would be 7 swims in a row (in 6 days). Also 4h ride tomorrow. The longest trainer ride ever. Then 3 hours on Sunday and I will be very close to 20hours. I have a feeling that I should have tried to buy chamois cream or whatever it is called before this weekend. Ouch.


  1. Paddles are NOT stupid things. Very important! And they don't take up much room.

    Welcome to becoming a swimmer! ;)

  2. I guess it's a little bit weird to say I'll miss you when you go... but i will miss knowing that you are on this side of the pond. I don't believe that "things have a way of working out" but what i do believe is that motivated people who work hard to make things work out... wind up having things work out and you definitely fall into that category! So I wait with great anticipation to read to next chapter... until then swim hard and have a great trip.