Friday, October 28, 2011

Random thoughts

Today was my last day of PT. There was really no need to continue doing it under supervision because they are just exercises although it being with PT gave me an extra motivation and I would miss the massages. They were nice and gave me stretch ropes to use for my exercises at home. PT also did the strength evaluation and said that my right hip is significantly stronger. So I am heading into the right direction.
Now I just need to pick days and times when I am going to do them. If I do not plan it then I am more likely to skip it or just forget about it. But I am going to do them religiously.

I received my new Cobb V-flow Max saddle yesterday. I am pretty excited about it because honestly, ever since that ride on Saturday I was dreading getting on a bike and although Tuesday ride was ok, Th was just horrible and it hurt a lot and I quit my ride before the end. Maybe this saddle won’t make a difference but I am hoping it will. I hooked it up yesterday and I will probably play with the tilt and position today so I can get my 3hours tomorrow. And I should receive Adamo tomorrow or on Monday so I will be able to try that one as well and see what I like better.

You know that dream husband on mine who told me to be more patient…I sent him an email couple weeks ago asking him something about my bike set-up (because he recommended to buy that bike) and his response was: forget about all that crap and just ride your bike. Then today I sent him another email asking something and his response was that he has already told me what he thinks and basically that it is not time for me to get all technical and that I should just continue riding whatever. He also said that I should not do any 3 hours rides this time of the year. He is just a jerk. Too sexist, he thinks that all women are just weak and that I am like all other people in the club shooting to finish or do 14h IM. (Maybe I will end up doing 14h IM but that’s definitely not my goal). I hate that. I ask him a completely reasonable question and he always tells me to just continue my little training rides, tralala around and just do whatever. Whereas I know that when any guy from a club (and all of them are weaker bikers and runners than I am and they all know it and nobody wants to bike with me anymore) asks him something he responds with all the technical details and starts the whole discussion about training and racing and training gadgets etc. Hate such types. I agree that women are physically weaker but that does not mean that we cannot train like men. But he would still make a good husband for me, at least for 4-5 years. I clearly do not have high standards:)

But you know what would be awesome. If I could kick his ass in a race. I know that I am not going to beat him in IM in next few years because he is way ahead of me (although I might be able to pull off swim and run splits close to his but I would have to go ~5h on a bike and that’s not happening:)) but maybe when he is in his early 40s and me in my mid-30s, then I can smoke him:) Or at least if I did my first IM faster than he did his first 3 years ago. But that’s also a long shot because he went 10:35 or something like that and courses are not-comparable. It is probably true that I am competitive. But this is also about his stupid attitude. Not the best motivation ever on my side but I do not care, it is in human nature:)

I talked to my sister on a phone couple days ago and I told her about my desire to maybe take a few months off between Dec and law school start (if I get accepted) and just train like a pro. I am sure that she was rolling her eyes in unbelief and thinking I was nuts liek she always does when I tell her about running and stuff. And I expressed my concern about what am I going to eat and where am I going to live. And she has assured me that although our parents will surely think that I have completely lost my mind and they will not understand it, they will let me live with them and mom will force their food to me anyway. So maybe my dream will come true!
I better start filling out those law school applications.


  1. THAT is what he is afraid of- you kicking his ass in a race! HA! I love that. Plenty of women go faster than 10:35. You can too.

  2. Yeah, I also think that he is only trying to sabotage me! Someone need to show him his place:)