Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can’t let them down

I was at the pool yesterday and I am ALWAYS the last one there and I ALWAYS leave just before they are closing or sometimes they have to kick me out. My life is planed down to seconds these days.

They close at 9:45pm and yesterday my workout was pretty short (but intense. 6 descending 200s and I think that I did very well) so I was done at 9:15pm.
And the lifeguard asked me what’s going on since I am done so early today and that she noticed that I left at 9pm on Monday :)

She also said that the other day when I left so early they wanted to close the pool but their boss did not want to let them. But they persuaded him saying that he should believe them that Miss Olympia is always the last one there and nobody ever comes to pool after her.

Yeah, they call me Miss Olympia among themselves. Funny and flattering. Although it is not because of my speed and it has nothing to do with bodybuilder’s competition in Vegas, they call me that because I am there a lot. More than anyone else and I work hard.
So I cannot slack because they pay attention :)

I am going to do FTP test on a bike today. I will post the “results” later so everyone can see how good I am :)

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