Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So many choices in life

So many choices… And all of them would make me super happy.
I have been trying to figure out my life after they kick me out of the US in December. And I am getting closer and closer to making a decision.

I have some job prospects with the company I am doing an internship for but nothing is for sure, everyone just keeps talking but no actions are made. I am still being positive but maybe it is time to move forward and devise a plan what to do if I do not get a job.

The simplest option would be go home and find a job somewhere in Europe. But I do not want to do that. That’s my last resort. It is not that it would be super bad, but if I have a choice I prefer staying here.

I have always wanted to go to law school. I have taken a couple of law classes and I loved them, more than what I do now. I think that now might be a good time to go to law school, get degree in business law (maybe specialize in business contracts…) and combine it with my (soon to be) degree in business management and then work in business consulting or legal department of a company.

By the way, I talked to my thesis supervisor two-three weeks ago. She did not yell at me, I did not yell at her, so it was a good start. I finally figured out what exactly she wants from me. Basically the thesis I submitted is not that bad, but there is “academic discussion” missing in it. So I can keep all research, my calculations and everything I did but I need to add few things into it. Both me and my supervisor agree that if I do that it might be a pretty good thesis because it is an interesting topic.

Back to my law school idea. I have decided to take LSAT in December and by then I should know more about my job situation and then I can decide whether I am going to apply to law schools or not. I know that it will be kind of late but I have decided that I do not need a degree from Ivy League school and similar bunch because I already have one of those and it got me nowhere so far thus some lousy law school that accept applications until April is ok with me. The only problem is that I do not have $200k. I don’t even have $2k. I was very lucky in the past because I got scholarships for both Brown and HEC and I might have run out of “scholarship luck” by now. But I am going to apply to schools and then if/when I get accepted I will see what they can do for me money-wise.

If I get a job I will take that and work for a year or two and then I will try to see whether a company can get me a tuition subsidy to go to law school.

So right now I am super busy. Well, not right now, I will start being super busy tomorrow because I keep postponing everything. I need to study for LSAT, need finally start working on rewriting the thesis, train for an Ironman and work. I have to devise a clear plan because otherwise it is not going to work and I will not do a good job on any of those.

And this might sound really crazy to you but you know what would make me the happiest? Take a year off and spend it training for a triathlon like a pro. Not that I think that I can be a pro athlete because if I could I would have been one by now, would not I? But I would really love to see what I can do and whether I could get any good if I trained hard and did not have to worry about any other stuff. Unfortunately, that’s not an option because where will I live and what am I going to eat? Michelle, don’t you want to start a hard-core triathlon training group (like those running groups Hanson’s Distance project, Oregon, Mammoth ect)? I will be your first athlete, I will work for you, you know, clean your house, cook the meals, babysit, being your coaching assistant, whatever is needed and I can give you all the gift cards I win in my races and once I start winning money you will be getting a percentage of my winnings. What do you say?

Maybe if I go to law school, which would mean that I have to go back to Europe in December, I will take those several months between January and school-year start off, live with my parents, don’t pay rent, eat their food and just train. But I would probably go crazy and then again, I do not have money for law school so I should probably spend those months earning at least some money.

At least I have a plan and am not clueless about my future. Now I just need to make sure it works out like I wish. It is in my hands. (Except my train-like-a-pro idea, that one depends on Michelle:))


  1. 1. i think your blog audience is quite well defined and NO ONE who reads your blog would find it crazy (or, indeed, even mildly suprising) that training like a pro would make you happiest.
    2. doing it for one year would just be an exercise (no pun intended) in frustration. it will take more than a year to achieve your full potential, you'll improve but then be left hanging at the end of the year. try to think on more of a 2016 summer olympics kind of timeline
    3. just because you aren't a pro yet does not mean you won't be. not enough injury-free time has been invested. at least not in the running and, though michelle can speak better on this topic, i would suspect this is also true for triathlon. you train hard but it hasn't been long enough.
    4. how about this for a plan - marry an american guy and be his trophy-winning wife :)

  2. You are right on. I know that 1 year would not be enough but I would do it to have fun and see whether I like it as much as I imagine I would. If I liked it and things went well, I could add another year, and then another and so on.
    I need to look into starting racing ITU circuit in 2013 and see how point system for Slovak selection for Rio de Janiero works :)

    And I know I need to be patient, not enough time invested into triathlon yet. But I have invested a lot of time into running and I am nowhere near where I should have been with that much time invested. Although I am aware that I wasted my collegiate athletic career by being very stubborn. But I do not regret it.

    And everyone knows that I would love to marry an american guy and be his trophy-winning wife! But I am not sure how to go about it, so far it does not look too good, one guy left me to die in Canada and another (and this one is like a dream husband - rich and lacking brain power) has a girlfriend.

  3. I love the honesty of this post and can totally relate to your feelings (despite the fact that I'm not nearly as good a triathlete as you are). Just take the year off to train if you have the means to do so! Then if and when you decide to go to law school you will have perhaps gotten it out of your system. Or you'll become a pro and realize you're having so much fun that you don't want to go to law school. You could apply to law school and maybe work in some sort of related job part time while you train. I'm excited to see what you decide!