Sunday, October 23, 2011


My ITB has been feeling great since Wednesday and you know that it means? TEMPTATION!!!!

But no no no, I am determined not to run until Dec 1.
I need to get better about doing PT exercises in my spare time. Not that I am slacking but I thought that you should have a rest day between strength sessions for muscles to recover and adapt. But it seems that people are doing their exercises on their own at home. So I will start.

And I should use that spare time for rewritting the thesis (because I have not started yet) and study for LSAT because I have decided to go to law school in Hawaii. (Not really, but it is tempting:))

Dec 1st originally seemed like a reasonable date but I have picked that date when ITB was still little messy. Not that it is not, Dec 1st seems like ages away. But I will survive.

I need to start a countdown:) As of today, it is 38 days.

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