Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Training" update

I have not been blogging as much as I used to in past few days because there is just not much to say.

I still hold to my resolution not to run until at least Dec 1. Although I wanted to start with elliptical this week, after some discussions and thinking on my side I have decided that strength training will probably do me better than ellipticating. Because honestly, elliptical will not improve my running fitness, it will just add to my overall fitness and endurance and with biking and swimming I got that covered.
So I think that I will try to hit the gym for some serious muscle conditioning (esp my core, back, hips, shoulders, well everything) 3 times a week and maybe I will add one session on an elliptical.

Swimming is going great. I saw some crazy <1:26 100s on schedule for me for Thursday and descending 1000s for Sunday so clearly Michelle has read my complaints about 1:30for 100s being tooooo easy :)

Biking continues to be a pain in the a$$, literally. Everything with the saddle was great until I had to move inside on trainer. I used Cobb V-Flow saddle for 3h on Saturday and was able to stay aero the whole 3h but it is not perfect. I received ISM Adamo yesterday and hooked it up on a bike and I do not feel any difference, it is still not as comfortable as I was hoping for. But I am starting to think that with Cobb and Adamo the problem is not the saddle, it is the position of the saddle. So what I need to do is ride it for some time and keep adjusting it until it feels good. The problem with this is that all my bike workouts require me to do some kind of specific work so I can’t keep hopping on and off every 5minutes. I think that I will just do a longer warm-up today and try to fix it because I need to solve this issue.

I am supposed to discuss my visa situation with immigration layer sometimes this week so the company can determine what to do with me. Whether they can hire me, if so how to do it and all that stuff or whether it would be just easier to send me home and find a different candidate. So we shall see where that goes. But I am already kind of pumped on law school and training-like-a-pro-until-school-starts idea. Now I just need to sell my road bike and pray that I get scholarship from my business school for this year as well and hopefully my parents will chip in for my flight ticket back home as my Xmas present… otherwise there goes my exciting plan.

Or maybe I will just move here.

And it is my birthday today! I am even lamer this year than I was last year. Although I did not get to do 26 on 26 (26miles aka marathon on my 26th birthday that is) last year, I think that I at least tried to eat 26 Halloween-themed muffins on sale or something like that. But I cannot do that this year. The only grocery store within reasonable walking distance does not have any Halloween candy or pastry on sale. Bummer. So I will just do my ride and swim today and eat 27 muffins some other time. Can you tell I am not a party person?:)


  1. IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!??!? Coaches NEED to know these things. You totally would have gotten 27 x 100's as a swim workout today.
    9 @ 1:50 w/u easy
    9 @ 1:45 steady with pull buoy/paddles
    6 @ 1:40 swim solid effort
    3 @ 1:35 FAST!

  2. I did not tell you because I was scared that you will make me do 27x200s (because 27x100s sounds like nothing) :)

    But my total workout for today is surprisingly 2700 yards, so we can pretent it is 27x100s :)