Friday, October 7, 2011

Can I pull this one off?

You know, I have 5k race next Sunday. And my running training has been rather inconsistent in past month (well, actually in past 2 and a half years but...). ITB flared up on Aug 31, I did not run at all until Sept 12, I did some 200s on Sept 12 and have not run sice until this past Sunday.
So I ran around 12 miles in past 37 days. I should count total miles I have run this year. That would be a pathetic number.

I went into today's workout eager to see what I can do and whether I can just start where I left off in Aug, that is whether I can do it at pace I ran prior-Aug 31.

Plan (that I thought was way too ambitious but I was happy to see that PPC believes in me:)) called for 1k w/up, 4x1k in 3:42-48 w/2min rest, 400m c/d. When I saw 3:42-48 I thought that she was kidding and did not really put enough thought into this plan:)
1st: 3:45. It was not hard but I was like, Oh, I am going to die by the end of this workout. (I should know by now that the first one is always like this because 1k warm up is not enough and I do nto want to do drills and strides just yet.)
2nd: 3:40. Ok, just stay positive and run what feels like a good effort. Not too hard, but not easy. Apparently 5:52/mile pace is a comfortably hard pace...
3rd: 3:41. This is not that bad. Not bad at all.
4th: 3:38. I had a little crises with 400m to go because it was getting harder but I pushed the negative thoughts aside and just ran my comfortably hard pace and finished strong.

Clearly, I am in a pretty decent shape and I just need my running legs.
I know that 1 week is not enough to get them back but I have 3 more workouts before the race so...
I also know that 1 good workout does not mean anything but nevertheless it left me confident about Oct 16. Maybe I can pull it off. And by pulling it off I mean running sub 19min. It will not be anywhere near what I was hoping to run this year but considering my training (or lack of it) I will take that.
So it seems that all that biking and swimming is not a waste of time:) My overall fitness is pretty high from biking and swimming. All I need is to transfer that into fitness more specific to running. 3 workouts to do it!

I think that I will be unbeatable next year (or year after). After the IM training I will a huge aerobic/endurance base and then with a few of PPC's well designed speed workouts I will be a running rockstart. Assuming that I survive IM training...

I got prescription for another 4 weeks of PT because apparently still a lot of work is needed.

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