Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I learnt today

I went to the meeting of the tri club which was Ironman Q&A and my dream husband was there to talk about Kona. I thought that it might be usefull although most people i the club to it only for fun and do no care about their times or placing but still they ahve done IMs and I have not.

The most important thing I have learnt, well, more like it was confirmed to me is to leave the ego at home and ride your own race (and then I should be able to survive run). The dream husband was talking about his first IM and said he had used a permanent marker to write different splits he wanted to hit on his foreamrs and that it was stupid. He said that now when he knows what he knows he recommends to those of us doing our first IM to use a permanent marker and write PATIENCE on our foreamrs. Then he turned to me and said that I should write patience all over my body, not only foreamrs. xoxo
Right on spot! I will probably do that, otherwise I will very likely get myself into trouble.


  1. You will be much better prepared for your first ironman than he was for his. Guarantee it. ;) But maybe you could let him write all over you anyway? ;)