Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a weekend!

As my former used used to say, I will end up badly one day.
So I did my bike ride on Sat. Was supposed to do HR stuff for 2.5h. 35min in a got a flat. My first flat on a tri bike and my first time using CO2. Those things are AWESOME!!! I did not carry a spare tube with me, just some sticky patches. So I fixed and decided to continue my ride hoping that the patch will hold for another 2h. Well, no, it did not. 1h later it kind of peeled off. So I used another patch but the tube was all sticky so I knew that it would be a miracle if it hold there. I also used up my most of my 2nd CO2 cartridge and was around 15 miles from home. 20min later, patch stopped working. So I am around 11miles from home, no cell phone (I neevr carry it because who would I call? Police? And tell them a got a flat and need a ride home?), not enough CO2, in my bike shoes....Grrr.
But fortunately a car pulls over and some random guy offered me a ride home. He had a bike on a roof of his car so that gave me a reassurance that he is just being nice to a fellow cyclist and I am not going to get murdered.
Moral of the story: Carry an extra tube with you. (I also need to buy more of those amazig CO2 stuff.)

And by the way, I did not feel that good on a bike. I felt great for the first 1.5h, then I had a small crisis for around 20min and then I was ok for another 10min until I got the flat.
I wonder what's going on. My bike rides have always been very good but I have been struggling in past two weeks. That very hard mountain bike race 2 weeks ago was the last good ride I had. Ever since then I have been feeling blah on a bike:(

Then I went to a party to a friend's from work place. Nothing better than showing up to a party riding a bike. But she and many of her friends are triathletes so they understood:)
We watched Kona coverage and ate a lot. Good times. We stayed up past midnight to see my "future husband" and Michelle finish. It was pretty cool. Michelle looked pretty good crossing that finish line and she had the biggest smile on her face. Watching it kind of made me want to try to qualify for Kona. But that urge has already passed:) I wish Andreas Raelert won. I think that he is not married and I have a thing for Germans, so I am naturally inclined to root for him.

I spent the night at my friend's house (but no invitation to check out master bedroom mattress or similar funny story to share this time), ate chocolate cake for breakfast, chatted about tri and running and my job situation, checked Chicago marathon results and then I biked 9 miles home. I was nice to get out of the house and go some place other than work, pool or track.

Weather has been gorgeous the whole week and today was the best. I was very happy to be out and was excited for my track workout.
1k w/up, 1.6k @ 5k pace, 800m job, 4x400 in 82-88sec, 1k c/d.
I did 1.6k (mile, in case you do not know. Well, not a full mile, but almost a mile) in 6:03. And I do not think that I will able to hold that pace for another 2.1 miles. So I am not sure what I should do next Sunday. I need to think about it more.
400s were 86, 83, 84, 85. It was kind of hard though:(
So on one hand, it was a good workout, but on the other it did not leave me feeling confident. I felt much better on Friday.
Stop being negative!!!!

But it is hard to decide on race plan if I do not know where I stand at this point! Grrr.

Then did a swim workout: main set was 24x100. That's a lot of 100s and my head is spinning from all the different paces and send-offs and stuff. But I again had a good workout!

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