Sunday, October 2, 2011

RUN!!!! (and the highest swim mileage up to date)

I ran today, tadada, I ran today, tadada, I ran today, tadada...

ITB has been feeling very good lately and it was nice outside today (chilly and very windy, but sunny. Next week it is supposed to be sunny the whole week. Awesome.) so I decided to go for a run.

I also got inspired by watching half-marathon race happening in the town I live at. I went there and was imagining myself running this race next year. Not that I want to run a HM or that my chances of staying here are not zero anymore, but I just wanted to run.

Maybe it was not the smartest idea after yesterday's race but whatever, I just wanted to run. By the way, after the bike race last weekend I was exhausted but not sore at all. After yesterday, I am sore but not as trashed as last week.

PT told me to start easy into running. Ok, 800m repeats sounds reasonably easy (to me anyway. PT would probably disagree tomorrow after she asked me what I did to screw things up).
1k w/up, 3x800m at 5k pace w/ 90sec rest, 600m c/d, for 4k total.
3:02, 2:58, 2:54. It was hard! Hard enough to have me bent over my knees while trying to catch my breath after the last one.
Sure, part of it being hard is the race I did yesterday and legs soreness, it was very windy today, I did this at around 10am and I have not eaten anything since last night and it was probably a shock to my poor body since I have not run for a month (crossing a street running because of cars approaching does not count as running, does it?), but huge part is that I am not really running fit. But that's normal. I should have been better at that elliptical stuff.

I have decided to do the race on 16th, if I do not do anything stupid and ITB flares up again. PPC gave me a plan for next two weeks and it looks freaking hard. She is usually very conservative about my plan when I go back to running but not this time, not this time. I might die:)

Then I went home and watched a movie and fell asleep on a floor like I usually do. In case you are wondering why I sleep on a floor, well, I do not have a couch or a real bed so I watch movies sitting on a floor.
Anyway, I slept for around 2 hours and when I woke up I realized that I was going to be late for my swim workout! Not late but I might not be able to complete it before they close. Fotunately, I did complete it before they closed, but I was again the last person there. As usual.
I think that today was my longest swim ever, 4,000yards (3,658 meters)! That's a lot!

I have finished this week with 12,573 meters (which is 7.85 miles!) Can you imagine that? More than 12k of swimming! That sounds so bad ass. For me anyway, I have never thought that I would ever swim that much. But that's good. I am starting to like it a lot (probalby because I am actually able to hit my paces now so it does not frustrate me anymore).

When I came there the guy at the front desk said "Hi" followed by my name. How does he know my name? And when I was leaving, he said bye and my name again! Sure, when I check in with my card it probably shows them my name. And since I am there 5 times a week, it is understandable that they know me, but still. Strange.

The best day ever!

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  1. Amazing that you can pull those sub 3 min 800ms after one month of no running. That's talent:) And 12K swimming...I can only imagine...and probably will stay with imagining as I have no desire to ever do that much swimming.