Thursday, October 20, 2011

ITB update

I have not talked about my ITB much. It is probably because it always sucks to talk about bad stuff.

It felt pretty bad all last week, although it was getting better and better. It still did not feel that hot on Monday either but nothing like only a few days before. It did not hurt when I was walking or biking, it hurt when I made a movement to the side (for example when I was driving and switching between gas and brake pedals, it was pretty bad on Sat, but better on Sun). Still occasional pain on Tuesday when I did a weird movement.

Then on Wednesday morning something in that area hurt with almost every single step, like something was being pulled. But it was not the usual ITB spot. PT said that it feels like quadriceps and was wondering whether that’s part of the whole ITB issue. She did some adjustments and said that my right knee cap sits deeper into my knee than my left one and that might also be part of my ITB problem. But there is nothing we can do about it, just try to strengthen the whole area. Then I remembered that while biking on Tuesday I had a weird knee discomfort for couple minutes at the end of the ride but then it went away. And I think that was it what caused that knee pain on Wed. But by the time I left work the pain went away and I was able to bike home and do my FTP test and then bike 9 miles at 7pm in dark, rain and wind to the club meeting because I had a wrench that I had to return to one guy. Thankfully, I did not have to ride a bike back home, a friend gave me and my bike a ride.
So it seems that Wednesday was my first ITB painfree day although I could not really tell because of that other pain.

Today, no ITB pain so far. It is only noon and if I do something stupid, some stupid movement for example it might start to hurt by the end of the day. But so far so good.

Of course, I am going to keep my promise to not to run until it feels good at least 4 weeks after the first time it is painfree. If it continues to feel this good over the weekend, then starting Monday I will gradually start doing elliptical and counting weeks :) And hopefully I will be able to start running at the beginning of December. That ‘s 5-6 weeks. Of course it all will depend on how ITB feels.

I saw a coyote for the first time in my life today:) He was laying on a lawn right outside our office window. Just thought that I would share with you.

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