Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick update

Phew. I have finally some time. I am really busy between work, sleep, training and watching That 70's show on Netflix.

No ITB pain after my run on Sunday, which is super exciting!!!
Since then I also ran yesterday. I had 1k repeats planned but when I got to the track there wassomething going on there. It looked like marching band was performing. It was not their usual practice because there were actually people watching. So I scratched that plan and went on training fields do some sprints. 1omin w/up, 10x 100m sprint, 100m jog, 100m sprint, 100m walk, 5min c/d. It was approximately 100m and those sprints were not as fast as they would have been on track but better than nothing.

I also swam on Monday and yesterday. Mostly easy swimming but yesterday included 900yards (not continuous) of swimming with bands, which was hard. But good strength workout!

Did bike today. I am starting to build aerobic base now, which will involve a lot of easy biking, 140-155 HR. Actually, it is not all that easy. At least it does not seem to be on a road where I usually do it. But these are last days when I will be able to bike outside so I better take advantage of that. It is getting dark early, 7:30 and it is already not safe biking. Seems that I will be moving indoors soon.

I have received powermeter last week already but my friend lended his tools to a different friend so he cannot swap the cassette from my old wheel to a new one. I hope he can do it soon because I eager to start playing with it!!!

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