Monday, October 17, 2011

Bruises can be very beneficial, really

Do not worry, I do not have an abusive husband or something similar.

You know how they say that you can tell whether your running form is good based on dirt marks on your calves? It is true for bruises as well.

I always have small bruises or scratches on the inside of my right knee. I knew that it was from biking but I did not really pay attention to it and did not try to put two and two together. Until today.

I bruise very easily so I have bruises everywhere and after I made one to myself trying to loosen up my ITB with a tennis ball my PT started to pay closer attention them. I had had some bruises on that right knee from the mountain bike races I did couple weeks ago but they faded by now. But today the PT asked me about the new ones I have. I was ok with bruises from mountain bike races because you know, you swing you bike in every direction etc but I have been doing only easy road or trainer biking lately so why am I bruised???

And then it hit me.

It is because I bend my right knee so far inwards at every pedal stroke that I hit myself on a frame or/and stem. And most of the time I do not even realize it. That's a lot of inward movement and lot of strain on ITB. Imagine how much strain it must be when I run like that! PT said that she have not realized how bad it was and that she would think that by now my hip muscles would be stronger but apparently they are not strong enough yet. So she said that on Wednesday we are going to start with some new hard-core exercises strengthening hip stabilizers.

So I guess that from now on I am going to gauge my progress by the number of bruises I have:)

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