Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This might be it

We had over 30degrees today!!!! Celsius of course. I love hot weather.

I did a bike ride, just something short 55min, w/up, big gear intervals, c/d. My legs did not hurt at all, no sign of lingering soreness.
I was wearing my new biking shorts! No more underwear and running shorts. Ok, I will probably continue doing that but I really need biking shorts because of this

My first ever century ride/race! June 11. It will be fun. It is somewhere in northern Michigan and I am going there with people from the club. I might die but at least I will die doing what makes me happy:) I do not know what I should expect but I am definitely going for a win.

After the bike workout I decided to try to run and see whether great feeling in the ITB I have had in past 2 days was just because I did not do anything that might bother it or because it might be somehow healed.
I walked to the football fields which took me more than 1 hour, but it is was so nice out that I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. I did 8x2min with 1 min walk break and it felt good. No pain during run or after. Then I walked back.
I think that this might be it. It might be healed. I hope it feels this great tomorrow. And then it is time to choose some running races! (Once I know when I will be for next 6 months)
But as I was running I could feel some soreness in my legs. Mostly the inner tights. Since nothing hurt on a bike and my biking muscles are ok, it probably means that it was really that 10k run that trashed my legs, more precisely my running muscles.

By the way, forget all nice things I said about the hockey guy. He is THE major jerk. I always thought that you see it only in movies that some high-school football (basketball, hockey etc) star dates more girls at the same time and considers that completely normal (and then probably chooses the one who cracks first and accepts the mattress invite. Ok, I made the last part up, but it might well be a case.). Well, it has turned out that also divorced 30+ high-level managers with 5-year old daughters do that. My sister said that it was just very American way and that I should just get used to it if I intend to find American husband...Hm, interesting. I feel like an idiot. Not sure why, since I am not the idiot here. Well, maybe a little because I did something little stupid yesterday, but at least now I know where I stand, right? And the worst thing is that eventhough I know he is a jerk I kind of regret that I did not accept that offer. What's wrong with me?!?


  1. 29% grade?? Yikes. I don't suppose you know the gearing on your bike, do you? You'll need at least a 25 on the back cog for that... more likely a 27. That is seriously steep.

    And bummer about the guy. Maybe you figured out the reason why he is divorced?

  2. No, I do not know gearing on the bike. I suppose I can get up and go count but I am too lazy to do that. It is just the most common cog you find on cheaper road bikes.
    A lot of people walk, so I can do that if I feel like I am going to fall over:)

    Yeah, that guy has many many flaws that I would not want my life partner to have, but it was kind of exciting hanging out with a "bad guy" for a change:)