Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready? Go!

Did my last pre-race swim workout this evening.
Actually it was the only swim workout I did this week. I skipped swim on Monday because I thought that I might be getting sick and then pool was closed on Wednesday. But that's ok, 2 workouts in last week before the race won't make a difference. Or will they? Hm, I do not think so.

Swim was great but I cut it short by 150tards because well, I have realizes that I will be racing in 10 hours so I should probably take it easy. But I did 4 fast 50s: 41, 39, 39, 40 and they felt great! Kind of effortless. Probably because 50 is so short and the whole swim was short, only 35-40min.

I have everything ready for tomorrow. I have not packed it into car though because there have been some car robberies in my apartment complex and I am not going to risk it.
Car...horrible, rental costs me $180 because they are closed Sun and Mon so I had to keep it till Tuesday. I think that now I MUST make a trip somewhere. Maybe Traverse city, people say that it is nice.

Anyway, I am ready for tomorrow. Although I am not sure whether I will be able to fall asleep, I am excited!

I am little worried that I will be cold tomorrow. It is supposed to be only mid 50s when we get out of water and biking in wet cloths probably won't be fun. I am taking arm warmers with me. But I have biked in cold, I am tough, I should be ok. Let's hope my body is as tough as my little insane mind. if I do not get pneumonia that I will consider myself indestructible:) It is raining now but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. At least something.

I bought new sneakers today. And no, I did not buy them in Kohl's for $29.99. Although I must confess that I went to Kohl's first but they did not have anything I liked:) So I bought those sneakers in a regular Nike store. Sure, on sale, but they look and feel decent. I am not going to wear them tomorrow though.

Speaking of sneakers, look at this. Hockey guy has bought me these "bungees" (that was before he tried to kill me and stopped talking to me because he did not succeed) because apparently one looses a lot of time tying shoes laces. And they even match my sneakers! That was not intentional though. So I decided to give it a try. I have not run wearing them but I tried the sneakers on and off and it feels good and it is so fast to put them on. So now I should be like a lightening through T1!


  1. Awesome! Speed laces are the best. I actually put them on all my running shoes b/c I just think shoes are more comfortable with them than they are with regular laces.

    Go get 'em tomorrow! Get your GRRRR on and get after it! :)

  2. oh crap! i missed the chance to wish you good luck... i hope you are having the time of your life right now. can't wait to hear the race report.
    p.s. what is the deal with hockey guy... sounds like there is more to the story than we are reading on your blog.

  3. PPC,no worries. And good luck would not help me anyway:)
    Time of my life?!? Come on, with drowning and suffering one can't have time of the life:)

    Hockey guy...maybe he was just preparing ground or something like that. Actually, no, that's not true. I am making him sound worse that he really is. He is actually very nice to me. Well was. Until the Windsor episode:)