Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ok, I am changing my strategy

So my triathlon is 18 days from now and since I have not seriously run for 2 months!!!! there is no way I can get in a decent running shape by then so there is no point in forcing it now. But I want to do the race. And it seems that my ITB decided not to cooperate.
Last year it was 3 months of running followed by 1 month off. Then I managed to go 6 months of running and now it is already 2 months off. You see the pattern?

Anyway, it does not feel hot so I decided not to even try running until it feels at least 95%.
If I do not run at all for now, I am positive that I will be able to run 6 miles without making it worse. Sure, it will suck and I will be SLOW but at least I will be able to finish and not screw it up even more.

But this being me I might change my mind tomorrow.

I did bike workout today, nothing too hard.20x1min hard but 1min is short so it was not too bad.

My future is still undecided. One week it seems bright and I have hope only to have that hope crashed few days later by HR and their stupid policies. My life could have been awesome and everything could have been figured out if it were not for those stupid policies!!!!

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