Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Montreal trip mayhem

Let me start from the end by saying that maybe I should have "surrendered" when the hockey guy tried to (literally) drag me out of my bed to his last weekend (well, both of those beds were his since it was his house). Because then maybe he would have treated me differently now and I would not have got stuck alone at the closed train station in Windsor, Canada at midnight yesterday! I was sooo pissed. He was supposed to pick me up but instead he left me to my destiny!

He sent me a message that he was on his way while I was still on train but when he was still not there after 1 hour I knew something was going on. My cell does not work in Canada and I only could use wireless internet on my iPod which was not working properly. But it worked at one point and I received a message asking where I was and that he was going to go home since I have not showed up. That message was 30min old. WTF?
I still have not find out where the hell he was because he clearly was not at the same train station I was at! But I know he was somewhere in Windsor so it was not intentional because later when I was questioned at the border what the hell I was doing in the middle of the night trying to get to the US, the border official told me that he has already heard the "train station, girl, no show-up" story today from a guy in a red pick-up truck couple hours ago. Yeah, that was my guy.

Then I finally found a phone that would take my credit card and called him but he was already at home and pissed that I have not showed up and did not let him know what was going on and that he made the trip all the way down there in the middle of the night and that he has a company to run in the morning and a conference meeting with a customer in 5 hours and he got in trouble at the border for going back and forth with no apparent reason. He actually made me feel sorry for him although it was ME alone in dark on a train station parking lot and I even apologized to him at the end. Geez, am I weak or what? We were both pretty pissed and when I started cursing that what I was
supposed to do now he offered to pay for taxi to get me home home, which would cost somewhere around $300. I said no, that's a lot of money and I would feel that I owe him something and I might do something stupid next time he tries to show me his master bedroom mattress... But maybe I should have taken the offer because then I ended up calling my boss who lives in Windsor. And well, it is never a good idea to wake up your boss at 1am in the morning for personal emergencies.

I am never ever going to ask almost strangers for help!

Anyway, Montreal trip was great. Although it was raining almost the whole weekend, I finally met PPC and her adorable toddler and I managed to see everything I wanted to see and I even swam in the actual Olympic pool. Cool. And I have spent almost 2 hours in the museum of Montreal history, which was very interesting.
Montreal is an old city and I like modern Toronto better. Sorry PPC:)Although I would not mind having Mount Royal in my backyard. Too bad I could not run, it looked very appealing.
I felt like being in France. You can hear French everywhere and old Montreal is like any old European city. But Montreal ski resorts are nothing like European ski resorts:)

I am tired and sleep-deprived after spending 12 hours on a bus and a train and then sleeping for only 3 hours...I do not feel like doing my swim workout but well, it needs to be done. So I am off.

Grrr, today is one of those days. I got to the Y and pool was closed for the day because there was a small accident. I wonder whether some little kid has peed there. Although I can go to bed now and get some sleep, it's really going to mess up my swimming schedule this week!

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