Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good and bad

Let's start with good, shall we?

I got my HR to 202 in spin class today, somewhere mid-way when we did hill work.
I knew I was in trouble when my HR skyrocketed to over 180 during warm up...But well, I was told that fatigue was only in my head and when I feel like easing up I should not. And I tried to stick with it. I was really working hard. I rarely saw sub-180 on HR monitor for the whole class.
I think that this is hardest I have worked in a long time, maybe the hardest ever.
By the end of the class I actually had trouble breathing sometimes probably because my form was probably collapsing and I contracted my rib cage and could get enough air in. And I felt like crying at one point.
You know how some people puke when they work hard. I think that I will never be able to do that. I think that my muscles will "crash" before I can reach that point. Now I do not know whether I should be sad about it because it might mean that I am just not strong enough muscularly or maybe it is just the way some people are that they cannot get themselves to puke even if they work hard.

Bad part is that there is something wrong with my lower legs. I could feel that I was on a verge of getting a cramp in my left feet almost the whole time. I have never had cramps before and it happened to me the first time a couple weeks ago during a swim and then during the bike TT 2 weeks ago.

Which let to a very bad swim. Easy swimming was ok but as soon as I started hard stuff it well all wrong. I was supposed to do all out 6x100 shooting for PR on each. Instead I had to keep my left foot flexed in ankle almost the whole time and not kick because I felt that if I start flutter kick it will cramp. So my 100 were 1:27, 1:30 (very close call with he cramp), 1:26, 1:26, 1:26, 1:29. At least they were sub 1:30. And when I was getting out of the pool I got s minor cramp in my right calf as well.

I ended with 15min of easy aqua jogging. ITB feels good but I am still not sure whether I should risk it and try running...

I think that the cramp issue might be due to dehydration mostly (although some mechanical issues might play a role and also not enough salt since I do not put salt into my meals but I have never had since I believe that there is enough salt in everything we buy in stores). I did not drink enough water today. Therefore just for the heck of it I stepped on a scale after the workout and I was at 141 pounds! Ok, there is no way I weight 141 pounds (although when I checked myself in a mirror I seemed skinnier today than usual). I was 144 pound last week after one of my swim workouts and already then I thought that I was dehydrated because considering the crap I have been eating in past few days (weeks.... muffins and cookies for breakfast and dinner, not good. I am an extremist, I eat combination of very healthy food and then very sugary food. Like steamed veggies with steamed fish and brown ride followed by 5 M&Ms cookies) I doubt I weight 144. Maybe 146.
But who knows. I have been again under a lot of stress recently so maybe I have lost some weight because of that. But I doubt that one looses 5 pounds in 1 week due to stress.

I am going to be religious about drinking enough water from now on!


  1. Yikes! Those cramps do sound like a dehydration issue. Especially if your weight is down. Drink up! And wow on that ride. Holy cow. 202. Are you about to get your period? I typically see HR data ~10 beats higher than normal in the few days prior...

  2. Yeah, I need to drink more.

    My periods are pretty irregular but I expect it within next 2 weeks so maybe that's the reason. But I really worked hard:)

  3. Wow, 202 is crazy. cramps in the feet could also be due to a magnesium deficiency?

    Don't be too excited about my swim :) I am a teacher and my class goes swimming so I was with them. It was a few laps and a lot of treading...about 45 min. Felt like a workout to me!

  4. I will try to add magnesium as well. Thanks for the advice!