Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life (and I hate rain)

Wow, I have not rambled in a few days. So unlike me. I love to ramble!

I just was not in a mood. There were a lot of things going on recently, some good, some not so good.
But now I am living off the good news.
You know how I was supposed to leave next Wednesday and I still did not know whether I really have to leave or not 10 days prior my "leaving" date? Well, you can just imagine how stressful that was. Should I look for new apartment or should I start trying to sell the bike and other crap and I start looking to change my flight, etc...?
But on Monday I received a confirmation that my visa extension was approved and I can stay for one more month! So now I have one month to chill before the whole stressful process starts again:(

Yesterday I had an interview and I got a temporary job offer, well, internship offer to stay until the end of the year. It is not 100% official yet because personnel requisition was not approved by high level bosses yet but that should not be a problem because I will just replace their current intern. It is the same company, but different department. Same city but different location.
Actually, I got two offers, another one is to fill in for a lady that is having a baby but that position is only until the end of October.
I am 99% sure I am going to take internship offer because it is longer and there is a chance for it to lead to permanent position.
But I will have to apply for visa extension again and now I am little worried that it might not go through. But I got to stay positive!
And it is costing me a lot of money money. It will be 1750 Euros together with this current one month extension fee!!! And because of HR policies (the same stupid policies that made my boss to take the car away from me) it is very unlikely that the company will reimburse me for it. But if it is going to give me 7 more months to look for a job and get more experience, than I guess it is worth it. Or maybe I am just telling that to myself.... It is just money, right?

Interview was weird, my direct boss would be German and she insisted on talking German. It was pretty awful. I understood everything what she was saying but when I was talking, well, it was not so great. But I got the position nevertheless so maybe it was not that bad after all. I was told that I speak with French accent. can a Slovak in the United States speak German with a French accent? That's beyond my understanding.

On training note. I took Monday off because I had sore throat and I was worried that it might develop into something worse.

Tuesday I biked, threw in some intervals to get muscles activated.
I still have sore throat and I am also coughing now but let's hope it won;t get worse.

It has been raining the whole day today. Thunders and lightening. And wind. I biked from work and within a minute I looked I went swimming, not biking. It is still raining. And I have a swim workout to do. Now, that's the dilema. If I go out I will be soaked within a minute again. And I just do not feel like it. It would be no problem if I did not have to bike there which takes me little under 15min. 15min in rain and wind. Then going to the pool. And then back to the rain again. I am not looking forward to it.

I am thinking that I might walk there. It takes me around 30min when I walk fast. But I think that I can deal with that better than 15min on a bike.

Ok, I am going for it. Because more I think about going there in this weather more stupid it seems and I might actually persuade myself to skip the workout.

But maybe if I am getting sick, then I should not spend walking 1 hour in a rain? You see, I am trying to find excuses not to go out!!! Bad athlete, bad bad bad.

Ok, I am taking my poncho and going!

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