Sunday, May 29, 2011

Short post-race update

My legs are sore!!!
I do not remember the last time my legs were sore. Last time I was this sore was November 2009 after Nice-Cannes marathon. Well, I was much sorer back than but it is a similar feeling.
Good feeling, it means that I was working hard. It was that run that has done this to my legs!

ITB feels good. It did not hurt at night at all and also today no problem. I am going to take 1-2 more days off running and then will start building mileage up if everything feels good.

Also I forgot to "record" my fueling strategy yesterday, so here it goes.
I ate banana with peanut butter in the morning, around 5am. I drank water with orange juice.
Then took one gel 15min before the start.
It was not hot out although it was getting warmer on a run, so I did not feel I needed a lot of fluids, plus I do not have one of those fancy drinking systems on my bike and it was annoying to bent down, take the bottle, lift my head to weird position and drink. I had water mixed with gatorade (or powerade, one of those, I do not know, I would have to check) and protein powder. I drank few sips around 15k in, then another few at around 30k and then few around 1k before the bike finish. I carried a gel with me on a run in case I felt like I needed it but I never did.

I never felt low on energy or thirsty. Maybe if it was hotter out than it would be different.
I was kind of starving afterwards, I ate some wraps they had for finishers and then went to BBQ with some tri club people and ate 1/2 a Subway sandwich, 2 chicken sandwiches and a huge hamburger. My first hamburger in the US. I do not eat that kind of meat but I decided to give it a try. It was yummy.

I went to Henry Ford museum today and spent 4 hours there and I have not even seen everything but I was tired and it was not fun being there alone. I need to make my sister go there with me and then I can comment on everything and make her ears fall off:)

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