Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bike, swim, run

In that order.

I had again a very nice ride this afternoon. 1h30min of cruising. I love those rides. Although it was very windy, it was warm. Yep, spring is definitely here.

Then did a swim workout. Pretty short but fast. I did my fastest 100yards to date: 1:22ish. It was not that bad, I should have start faster, maybe I would have been able to go sub-1:20. Next time:)

Then 30min of easy aquajogging. Just an easy run, I do not want to do any intervals because ITB has been acting up the whole day:( What's wrong with that f**** thing?!?

I am off to Montreal tomorrow. I cannot wait. Although I was looking forward to kicking PPC's behind in a 5k race on Sunday, which I cannot now, I am sure I will have great time:)
My trip there would be a nightmare however. Car to Windsor, train to Toronto, night bus to Ottawa, morning bus to Montreal. The same on my way back arriving in Windsor little before midnight on Monday. If I am not here on Tuesday, the hockey guy decided to take revenge on our master bedroom mattress episode last weekend and left me in downtown Detroit to my destiny...

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