Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another good and bad

Let's see what did I do this weekend?
Weather was gorgeous!!!!

On Saturday, I rode a bike and then went swimming in a lake in my wetsuit for the first time ever. There were 5 of us and all of us got our wetsuits in last month and wanted to see how they feel.

Swimming in wetsuit is kinda fun, at first I felt little constrained in my shoulder motion but then I pull the suit up a bit and it felt great.
I think that I will ok next weekend, although sighting is tough. I am not used to lifting my head so that will probably completely break my stroke. Oh, well, we will see.

Today, I went volunteering in a running race and it was not much fun but that's ok.
Then I went home, ate lunch and fell asleep on a floor by my bed for 2 hours... Something is not right. I went swimming after I woke up but I quit the workout because I was totally off my paces. I tried but my body would not move!!!
I hope I am not getting sick or something. But otherwise I feel fine.

Then one guy from a club came over to help me adjust my bike and do some maintenance. We took it to his house where he has all the equipment. Ok, this guy had 4 bikes in his garage and 3 more in his kitchen...
He started working on my bike and after he sad "this is very bad" for like 100th time, I knew that it was bad. My bike was filthy, he said he has never seen anything like that and that chain and gears are supposed to be shiny silver and not black and covered with scam (well, that's understandable since I have never cleaned it and I rode it in any kind of weather), breaks did not work properly (I kinda knew that) and then he tried to adjust my shifting but he gave up after 30min because something is wrong with it. So he decided that he was going to take my bike to his buddies in a real bike shop tomorrow and have it done for me by professionals. And they will also change my chain because he said that it was dangerous. Well, ok. Whatever you say, I am not an expert. And the best part is that they will do it for free.
He also adjusted my saddle and aerobars so I am more comfortable and gave me some tips on my biking posture.

So after all is done I should be ready to GO GO GO on Saturday!

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