Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bike Time Trial

The local tri club has organized a free bike TT so I figured what the heck, I am going to try it. I have never done any bike races or anything similar.

Someone at the club asked me whether I have done any. I responded that no, I only pretend to be a cyclist. But then I looked at myself and at my bike and realized that I am not even pretending to be a cyclist!

It was very low key event, only few participants. It was 12.5 miles, two loops in Stoney Creek park.

It was a lot of fun. I have read somewhere that you are not supposed to start too hard and that it's better to divide a race into third - first one relatively moderate, then pick it up for the second third and hammer the last third and negative split.
And that was my plan. But then I do not know why my legs started to hurt after only 200m....
I mean really, they hurt. I was trying to think "embrace the pain, embrace the pain" and it seems that it worked.
I followed the plan, moderate, hard, harder. The harder part is just a blur, I do not remember my legs hurting. But I pushed it, although I did not concentrate on a pain, I concentrated on keeping average speed over 35kph (21.73mph).

I got calf cramps in last mile or so. Weird. I wonder whether it means something. Maybe I am not using right muscles.

I did those 12.5miles in 34:18, which is around 21.88mph. And I also negatively splited by around 20sec. So my plan seemed to work.
My highest HR was only 187. I do not know average because my HRM sometimes does not work properly. Maybe I need to change batteries or something.

So, the result is not that great. Holding only 21.8mph for only 12.5 miles is less than spectacular. But I am satisfied anyway.

It was my first race like this and I did not know what to expect. Now I know for future that I can push harder because you are supposed to be spent, right?
Plus I am sure I could be faster on a better bike, using clip-in pedals and shoes and maybe not wearing underwear and running spandex (sorry, I still do that). And maybe biking 17miles to get to the park did not help me either.

So it was good, it was fun. I would love to do it again and of course improve on my time.

I did run afterwards, 7 or 8 x 1min run with 1min walk. Zero discomfort. Sweet!

Something happened to my knee on Tuesday. It hurts above my knee cap on a bike when I put all my weight on bent knee. It did not hurt when riding the trial, but it hurt when I was biking home because it is constant stop and accelerate. It is ok when I do smooth pedal strokes.
So I am going to walk to work tomorrow. I think that I need to take a day off from bike and let the knee rest.


  1. Wow- you are really hard on yourself if you are not happy with that!?! Close to 22 mph in your first TT without aero bars or clipless pedals? That is SUPERIOR. Seriously. Superior. Nod your head and pat yourself on the back. You have some serious talent. :)

  2. Actually, I have aerobars. Can I still pat myself on the back? :)
    You think it was ok? I have no clue, I just know if some people can hold 20+ mph average for 100miles, then 21.8 average for 12.5 miles is pretty pathetic. But ok, you have been doing this stuff for years, I'm just starting.

  3. I have a $5k TT bike with race wheels and an aero helmet (these things matter) on a good day avg ~24mph for 20k. So 22 in your first one is pretty damn fast! Did any girls beat you?

  4. Ok, then. I should look at this in perspective.

    Actually I think that there were only 3 girls and rest was guys, but there were not that many people all together. It was only a club race. I have not received results yet so I do not know how I did compared to others.
    But there was only one other girl on a road bike and no clip-less shoes. The rest were people on TT bikes in aero helmets.
    I need to get one of those fast bikes:)

  5. BTW, now I have a nice clear goal to shoot for: 24mph average :)