Monday, May 2, 2011


You know my Master's thesis that I submitted to my prof two weeks ago?

So today I finally received a feedback and I was told that it is highly unsatisfactory because it is not a thesis but a business review of a very specific issue in one company. The prof also told me that my research question was not even a research question. And research must be useful to all companies which might be facing the same issue and not about one specific case. WTF!?!

Last summer I submitted a proposal where I precisely explained what I want to work on. I have not changed a bit and my research question is exactly the same.
My proposal was approved and this professor agreed to work with me. Then she refused to give me any feedback until I send her a finalized draft. WTF again?

I sent her an email explaining to her that she approved the subject and asking why did not she tell me before that my research question is not a research question! I might have mentioned also that I am not a PhD research student but a business management student and thus I find it totally irrelevant for me to write a research paper. I also asked about the purpose of research since if it is supposed to be very general and fit-them-all then what is the point of it? Everyone can choose what fits them, right? Every company is different thus I do not understand of what use a general research might be.

Anyway, I am waiting for her reply and submitting a complaint to a dean because she HAS APPROVED my proposal!!! And what the hell am I supposed to do now when they do not allow me to change my topic that is not appropriate for research?

I am 100% sure that I won't be able to graduate in June. I might try to write something over summer and graduate in September but I am not very optimistic about it. So it seems that I will not graduate until June 2012. F***

I have always regretted going to business school to France (Europe) and if you are thinking about it, DO NOT DO IT! European system sucks big time and profs are mostly jerks. Plus American schools (including Ivy League schools) are easier. Sorry, but it is true.

I have not run today. My ITB has ears and yesterday it heard me saying I might attempt a run so it decided to protest. It did not hurt at all but I again felt that stupid tension. Honestly, the only time I do not feel tension is when biking, after biking or when I roll it. I will try again tomorrow after a bike ride. But shh, do not tell my ITB :)

I did a swim today. Hill repeats. It was not as bad as it used to be, I even managed 4x100 with bands only. Sure there were times I dragged my feet at the bottom of a pool but it was not as bad as it used to be. I am getting muscles!
Plus there was one girl who told me that I must surely be on a swim team:) She said that she used to swim at high school and is trying to get back to swimming shape. And she said that I looked great swimming, gliding and just very nice and efficient. It is always nice to hear something like that!


  1. GAH! That sucks about your research. If your ITB hurts it's bc you are STRESSED (and rightfully so but still). Of course we all know that the biggest stress reliever is running, so you're kind of stuck in a bad little spiral there right now, huh? Hang in there. Keep swimming uphill.

  2. Having gone to school both here and in Europe, I agree that school here is way easier. Professors here are more respectful, and there is less of a hierarchy compared to Europe. Sorry you have to deal with this crap. Hopefully you won't have to file a complaint...

  3. Ugh sorry about your thesis! Good luck! Stress will totally affect your body and your workouts...