Friday, May 20, 2011

Back2Back is no fun

I know I have said this before but I am going to repeat it: swimming two days on a row is awful!

Because the Y pool was closed on Tuesday and I had to stay at work late on Wednesday and could not fit in a swim, I had to do do it yesterday. Unfortunately my second swim for this week was planned for today. I also switched the swims, did fast one yesterday and long today, originally it was the other way. (Am I making any sense?)

And my arms were trashed. I had a really long swim today 3292m (3600yards), which is LONG for me, with 800, 600, 400 progression and then descended 200. Well, it was pathetic. I was swimming like 1:40-50 pace and my arms were screaming.
I also got those cramps on turns again although I have drunk enough water today.

I am going to try some supplements and I think that also lack of sleep might be a problem. Since last Thursday I am not getting enough sleep. I spend one night on a bus, then was up at around 6-6:30 on weekend (that's not a complain!) and I got only 3 hours on Monday night, and then around 7hours the other 3 nights. Not ENOUGH!

Problem is that even if I can sleep in I usually get up at 6:30am these days. And since I don't get to bed until around 10:30-11pm, that's not enough.

So I am going to bed NOW.

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  1. e21 is super at preventing cramps. Might want to try that? Promo code 'mamasimmons' gets you 20% off. But yes- those swims would be hard to do back to back! Yikes!